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13th Feb 2014, 09:33

I did a search but was unable to find a already similiar, it's really just a simple question. Is there a community chat or preferable an IRC server for Nosgoth? I love being part of the community especially in the early phases where it is not too big, but I feel that forums are fo r constructive and on topic discussions, slow and unpersonal. So I prefer something faster when getting to know people.

On a complete side note: Are there any fansites that have a unofficial chat/voip?

13th Feb 2014, 16:04
I can't say much about this at the moment because of the NDA. But, there will be VOIP in game, and there is currently a raidcall and ventrilo group/server set up for nosgoth people. The information can't be given out until you get access though.

As for the IRC, we are actually discussing if it will be worthwhile for it to be made. It will have to be community led, which means more than like I will have to do it, because it would have to be moderated 24/7 then. But, it is being discussed.

That help? :)

13th Feb 2014, 17:07
Yeah that helps, thanks for the reply! Why did you split it up to raidcall and a vent server, I assume this kind of just happened naturally? I don't mind helping you moderate the IRC if you find out for it to be worthwhile. Not sure if it consumes to much of your time to just let it sit there and (hopefully) let it grow and then get more mods if it gets out of control.

I might just be old fashioned but I am really skeptical to in-game VOIP because it is usually very hard to moderate, match dependent, has a lot of "time outs" (loading and such). Then again I have stuck to TS3 and Mumble for the last 5 years and not had a console, so I assume technology has progressed.

13th Feb 2014, 18:14
Lol, long story.

I have a ventrilo server I'm an admin of for a guild im in. The game it was intended for has shut down, so it's basically a potluck of games atm. But, I'm not the owner. I have access to billing information, but it's not my card So if something with that happens it's down until I can get in touch with the owner...

There was a group of guys I play with on here that used teamspeak, so we were on that for a while. But, again, it was a borrowed server. So we decided to open up a raidcall group and try it. It's extremely smooth, and free. So we just decided to make that our home. The ventrilo is still active, but I'm not on it much unless it's requested. The info is in the alpha thread stickied, but I can't give it to you since gameplay stuff is discussed. The ventrilo, yes, but the Nosgoth channel is locked, for the same reason.

So basically, we have organized our Raidcall channel into groups and teams and such and made it open to the public.

That answer you? :)

19th Feb 2014, 04:21
After being a low level admin on a couple of gaming servers I an honestly say Teamspeak is better than vent as far as sucking up bandwith. It also seems to work better than skype.

If your doing an IRC in game it might be nice to just have a world wide channel.

19th Feb 2014, 04:23
That's another reason we are using the RaidCall. I've seen NO bandwidth issues with it so far.

1st Mar 2014, 11:38
+1 for having an IRC channel, for all the reasons Wobbley stated.