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19th Apr 2009, 13:17
Hi there,

recently, I bought the Commandos Complete Pack on Steam....hoping, that they sell working games for WinXP. Unfortunately, it seems they only patched Comandos.exe to search for Steam-Client. *GRRRRR*
I could have used my old Original-CD, though.

Here's my problem(s):

When playing Commandos BEL in Network, after some time, the game is asynchronus. We've had a lag of ~3 Seconds with 3 logged in Players! Our Systems are mostly equivalent, so speed isn't the problem having a Quadcore and 4 Gigs of ram and playing over GigaBit Ethernet ;)
We also tried a dedicated Server analysing with Wireshark. Unfortunately, the output wasn't that helpfull.
Is there any patch to get it running without having to count the seconds before an action is taken?

Another Question: Is it possible to change Screen-Resolution in Multiplayer-Mode to anything higher than 640x480? 1024x768, or even 800x600 would be great.

I'd be thankful for any answer ;)

20th Apr 2009, 03:58
Since Commandos is one of the oldest game..

Maybe it only work well with Installed Modem cards than newer broadband connections...maybe with modem card installed, the game runs fine without lag..

And about the changing resolution, i am not sure...since i'm unable to connec to to the multiplayer...But to think again...Even until now, most games are toning down the default graphics quality for multiplayer sessions...

So maybe the reason you can't change the resolution is because Pyro don't want the game to have any more lags when playing online..so thats why they just tone it down for better performance during online play..