View Full Version : Here's a Fix for Commandos: BEL Game Speed.

17th Apr 2009, 11:17
I'm not sure how many of you really manage to fix Commandos: BEL Game Speed with some of the tools like CPU Grabber or turbo..but for my comp..i'm unable to fix it...

So for those of you who are still having problem running BEL in a stable speed...i have a solution for you guys...I'm currently playing BEL now for the past 2 hours, i'm at level 5 now...and so far have not encountered any issues besides the commandos voice missing at times..but the rest of the sound to the game are present...

Here's the tool to adjust the game speed, its called Speed Gear...


Once Install, u guys would wanna create a hot key for the program in the settings options itself...
for me i create as "CTRL+SHIFT+D" for the default Speed of the PC.. assigned "CTRL+SHIFT+1" whenever i'm playing commandos..

So how it works..?
Easy..open up "Speed Gear",
and run commandos
once in the game..just press your customize Hotkeys and it will automatically slow down the speed of the game

I've set the speed to "1500" for my Q9550..you guys may try that value too..
it seems to be the closes speed to resemble the actual game's speed...

Close Speed Gear.exe after playing commandos..and your comp would be running normally after that...
this is the best tool that works so far for the game..enjoy guys..

Here's my email..email me for the key...

1st Jul 2009, 00:43
CPUkiller does the same and works great too.
That is, if you have the crack ;)