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23rd Sep 2013, 20:57
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years gets 3D remake (http://www.finalfantasy.net/iv/final-fantasy-iv-years-3d-remake/) (Final Fantasy Network (http://www.finalfantasy.net/)) – the game is currently scheduled for release in Winter 2013 and will come to iOS and Android platforms.

30th Sep 2013, 10:44
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Coming to iOS and Android devices (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/ffv-android-out-now-ffiv-after-years-announced) in Winter 2013 – originally released for Wii and PSP in 2008, the game has undergone a full 3D remake with completely recreated graphics that deliver this fan favourite like you've never seen before.
Official website (http://dlgames.square-enix.com/ff/ff4tay/en/index.html).

29th Oct 2013, 19:57
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming to iOS and Android in November (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/10/29/final-fantasy-iv-years-coming-ios-android-november/)
– Ceodore and Cecil are retuning in 3D with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The sequel to Final Fantasy IV has been remade with 3D graphics for iOS and Android.

29th Oct 2013, 20:33
Final Fantasy IV now 50% off on iOS devices!
– Final Fantasy IV is now half price on iOS devices! Play the original before the release of its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which will be arriving on iOS and Android devices late November 2013.

25th Nov 2013, 10:06
Out on iOS and Android in full 3D (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/11/24/final-fantasy-iv-years-ios-android-full-3d/)
– while the game has been released for WiiWare and is part of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for PSP, the smartphone version is a full 3D remake updated with achievements.

Launch trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBpV3eyLSws).

25th Nov 2013, 10:22
FFIV: The After Years out now on iOS and Android (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/ffiv-after-years-out-now-ios-and-android)
– fancy playing the game (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/final-fantasy-iv-after-years-available-ios-and-android) but don’t want to fork out the big bucks? Well you’re in luck, we’ll be giving away four copies of the game (for iOS devices) on theSquare Enix Europe Twitter page (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU) later today.

Official website (http://dlgames.square-enix.com/ff/).

9th Dec 2013, 20:19
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years missing content (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/12/09/final-fantasy-iv-years-missing-content-ios-android/) on iOS and Android
– Square Enix removed the challenge dungeons from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in the iOS and Android version.

29th Jan 2014, 23:17
FFIV: The After Years – iOS and Android now 30% off (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/ffiv-after-years-%E2%80%93-ios-and-android-now-30)!
― Until February 5 you can pick up the game for $10.99/€9.99/£7.49.

12th Feb 2014, 11:57
Final Fantasy IV jumps to Japan’s Wii U virtual console (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/02/11/final-fantasy-iv-jumps-japans-wii-u-virtual-console/)
― Square Enix also has the Famicom version of Elevator Action scheduled for release on February 19 for 500 yen.

17th Mar 2014, 15:19
Now available on the Amazon App store (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IHX3TIW)!

21st Mar 2014, 03:11
To anyone looking to play Final Fantasy IV and if you have a PSP or a VITA, get the PSP version of it, if you don't have a PSP or VITA get the GBA version of it

Those two are the best versions of Final Fantasy IV

21st Mar 2014, 09:33
I have the PSP collection but I like the 3D one more.

25th Apr 2014, 17:53
Final Fantasy IV on iOS now supports Logitech's PowerShell Controller (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/459704497410174976)!

10th May 2014, 13:54
Can we get this game as a PSOne Classic?

11th May 2014, 06:45
I'll keep an eye out for news on that front, Sora9669.

25th May 2014, 06:17
Thank you Grimoire. I know it's been available in Japan as a PSOne Classic since 2012 so it makes sense for it to be available in the rest of the world as one.

24th Jul 2014, 18:10
FINAL FANTASY III and FINAL FANTASY IV (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/492353560378478594) are on sale at the GooglePlay Android store!

7th Aug 2014, 19:52
The Google Play Android store has huge discounts on FFIV: The After Years and Final Fantasy VI (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/497426977578434562)!

19th Aug 2014, 11:04
Where on earth is cloud saving for FFIV on iOS and Android?

17th Sep 2014, 01:55
Final Fantasy IV is coming to PC!


18th Sep 2014, 03:23
Final Fantasy IV Remake Out Now On PC Via Steam (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/17/final-fantasy-iv-remake-now-pc-via-steam/) (Siliconera)
- Final Fantasy IV is now available on PC via Steam. This is a PC port of the Nintendo DS remake of the game.

18th Sep 2014, 07:49
Final Fantasy IV Remake Out Now On PC Via Steam (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/17/final-fantasy-iv-remake-now-pc-via-steam/) (Siliconera)
- Final Fantasy IV is now available on PC via Steam. This is a PC port of the Nintendo DS remake of the game.

It's actually a port of the iOS and Android versions. Lunar Ruins should be in it and the DS version doesn't have them.

18th Sep 2014, 08:06
Then let us put it like this instead:

FINAL FANTASY IV now on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/312750/)!
- A port of the iOS and Android versions has finally been released for PC via Steam.

Thanks for the heads up, Sora9669!

19th Sep 2014, 12:53
The Steam version of FFIV has cloud saving but the iOS and Android versions still don't. Please Square. Please add cloud saving to the iOS and Android versions of FFIV.

30th Sep 2014, 10:34
Final Fantasy IV goes full Steam ahead (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/final-fantasy-iv-goes-full-steam-ahead-and-weve-got-some-codes-give-away-too)! (and we've got some codes to give away too!)
- Following the news of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy coming to PC, we have another Final Fantasy on the way as well. I say on the way, it’s actually already here!

29th Oct 2014, 09:45
Praying to the Fayth that FFIV will be updated with cloud saving in the next week or so. Been waiting since June for this.

6th Nov 2014, 12:30
Final Fantasy Costumes (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/06/final-fantasy-costumes-pop-square-enixs-light-gun-game/) Pop Into Square Enix’s Light Gun Game (Siliconera, Game Watch)
- Players will be able to get the twenty Final Fantasy crossover costumes (http://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20141106_674750.html) in Gunslinger Stratos 2 starting today.

26th Dec 2014, 19:54
Final Fantasy IV X Rise of Mana campaign (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPF5apsSopE).

18th Mar 2015, 12:35
Cloud Support on Mobile Devices

Final Fantasy IV gets Cloud support on mobile devices (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/578149254474108928/photo/1)!
- iOS (http://bit.ly/ffiv_ios)
- Android (http://bit.ly/ffiv_android)

23rd Apr 2015, 18:51
The After Years on Steam

FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS - Steam Announcement (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEmAl2sEGbY)
- Official Website (http://dlgames.square-enix.com/ff/ff4tay/en/)

8th May 2015, 19:53
Pre-Order Deal

Final Fantasy IV The After Years Pre-Order Deal Before PC’s Release (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/05/07/final-fantasy-iv-years-pre-order-deal-pcs-release/) (Siliconera)
- Final Fantasy IV The After Years PC’s pre-order deal is $10.

12th May 2015, 18:15
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years on Steam

Available now on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/346830/)
- Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is out now on Steam as a new moon arrives!

10th Aug 2015, 16:11
Deals and Sales

FF III, IV, V & VI are Android TV compatible & currently 50% off on the Google Play Store (https://twitter.com/FinalFantasy/status/630755238404861952)

13th Aug 2015, 13:54
Any chance the FFIV 3D remake will ever be ported over to the Vita or PS4?...I have the PSP version of the FFIV Collection, but would love to see the 3D remake with full PSN Trophy support as well.

Would buy it day one if Square ever took the time to port it over.

29th Oct 2015, 05:15
Amazon Fire TV Compatibility

Final Fantasy III Through VI Now Compatible With Amazon Fire TV (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/28/final-fantasy-iii-through-vi-now-compatible-with-amazon-fire-tv/) (Siliconera)
- To celebrate the Amazon Fire TV compatibility of Final Fantasy III through VI, the four games will go on sale in the Amazon App Store throughout November.

25th Nov 2015, 22:25
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Character Video
- Cecil (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/11/15/cecil-shows-his-paladin-and-dark-knight-modes-in-dissidia-final-fantasy/) Shows His Paladin And Dark Knight Modes In Dissidia Final Fantasy (Siliconera)

25th Dec 2015, 18:50
Heavenstrike Rivals

- Celebrate with our great new Heavenstrike Rivals Final Fantasy IV recruitment drive feat Cecil and Golbez (https://twitter.com/SQUARE_ENIX_EU/status/680387659533955074)!

13th Jan 2016, 15:11
Heavenstrike Rivals

TWO Final Fantasy IV recruitment drives this week (https://twitter.com/HSR_global/status/687275907065712642), featuring the brand new Cain and Edge alongside Cecil and Golbez!

26th Jan 2016, 04:03
Any chance to make FInal Fantasy IV: Complete Collection (PSP Vers.) PS TV compatible?

19th Feb 2016, 01:17
Heavenstrike Rivals

Final Fantasy IV X Heavenstrike Rivals (https://twitter.com/SquareEnixUSA/status/700442501937672192)
- Multiplayer tactical RPG Heavenstrike Rivals offers more fun from FINAL FANTASY IV! Download the app for free today!

11th Aug 2016, 15:51
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade adds 2nd Forms, Porta Decumana stage from Final Fantasy XIV on August 18 (http://gematsu.com/2016/08/dissidia-final-fantasy-arcade-adds-2nd-forms-porta-decumana-stage-final-fantasy-xiv-august-18) (Gematsu)
- A new illustration by Tetsuya Nomura (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/763728405120454656) on this card. (Nova Crystallis)
- Signed Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade images for Cloud and Lightning (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/763727407010320384). (Nova Crystallis)
- Kain Highwind armor variation and weapon (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/763710077958103040) in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. (Nova Crystallis)
- New stage from FFXIV (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/763709562528555008) coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. (Nova Crystallis)

17th Sep 2016, 07:04
Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Portal Site (http://www.finalfantasy.jp/30th/)
- Anniversary Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3XGWhvyelA)

27th Sep 2016, 13:52
World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy adds Tifa and Rydia (http://gematsu.com/2016/09/world-final-fantasy-adds-tifa-rydia) (Gematsu)
- New Final Fantasy VII and IV characters confirmed.
- Tifa and Rydia (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis/status/781324207615385600) in World of Final Fantasy (Nova Crystallis)

3rd Oct 2016, 13:16
World of Final Fantasy

- Mirages, locations, characters and more (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/10/mirages-locations-characters-and-more-showcased-latest-world-final-fantasy-screenshots/) showcased in latest World of Final Fantasy screenshots (Nova Crystallis)
- PS4/PS Vita Exclusive World of Final Fantasy Gets Tons of Screenshots: Tifa, Rhydia, Snow and Mor (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/10/03/ps4ps-vita-exclusive-world-of-final-fantasy-gets-tons-of-screenshots-tifa-rhydia-snow-and-more/)e (DualShockers)