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12th Feb 2014, 03:08
This may seem crazy and I doubt it would ever be implemented but I gotta put it out there. I have a thought on a power that could set the Melchiahim apart.

The signature of clan Melchiah is the rot that afflicts their skin and possibly more. What if with each generation, the creations of the ones Melchiah created directly or maybe their creations, the strength of the vampiric gift degrades until their ability to create vampires themselves is overtaken by this corruption and rot. So instead of creating vampires, they only make mindless, quickly rotting corpses with insatiable hunger that only recognize the Melchiahim and other drones as comrades and the rest as enemies. In other words, they create ZOMBIES.

Melchiah would have quickly recognized this problem and forbidden those vampires from spawning in order to avoid an incident with the other clans but maybe, with the war going, Melchiah or one of the other vampire lieutenants recognize the use of an expendable army if its properly controlled. One of these Melchiahim could turn the tide of a failing battle by quickly spawning a horde to overwhelm the humans.

Imagine this Melchiahim being able to create a mindless drone out of what remains of a defeated human, after they have been drained of course, but requiring a blood (health) sacrifice. It could be slow and only capable of melee with only a little more strength than when it was human. It would simply wander the map until it saw an enemy or there is an engagement and then slowly move towards it. To counter the advantage this would give the vamps, you could make it attack both the humans and vampires, except the Melchiahim which it recognizes as one of its kind.

12th Feb 2014, 08:28
The game is very fast paced, and humans would probably see the slow lumbering zombie coming from miles. Unless it has a reasonable amount of health to serve as a distraction for longer than a second, they would be quite useless, and also a hindrance to the vampires.

12th Feb 2014, 22:01
how about that: taking control of the corpse after burrowing; corpse has like x3 health, but not much attack strength or mobility. it decays quickly on it's own, it can sprint in a straight line, it can try to grab enemy from behind and can explode; all actions consumes corpse's durability.

or a swarm of fleshlings that runs around mindlessly bumping into walls and stuff, existing only for the sake of distraction and being immune to disabling effects.