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6th Apr 2009, 14:43
Required reading before voting:


Previous polls:


6th Apr 2009, 14:46
How many of these polls are we going to see?

6th Apr 2009, 14:47
How many of these polls are we going to see?

It was MyImmortal's idea! (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showpost.php?p=956985&postcount=6) Don't ban me! :whistle:

6th Apr 2009, 14:51
Immortal, we need to have some words. Or should I say, numbers? :naughty:


I'm actually fine with this topic. So...let the voting commence again. Because I'm bored and like the average consumer I have an irrepressible desire to have the latest version of something.

6th Apr 2009, 15:08
Eh? What's the benefit of a fourth poll? No new info = no need for a new poll, IMO.

6th Apr 2009, 15:22
Eh? What's the benefit of a fourth poll? No new info = no need for a new poll, IMO.

But some time has passed. Maybe people've gotten used to the idea of regenerating health? Maybe René has managed to get some people to understand the reasons and mechanics of DX3 regenerating health?

But I personally think those choices we have in this poll aren't suitable for me. I'd like to vote something like "It might work" or "We'll see" or maybe most preferrably "Let them try". :cool:

My thinking is that magical instantly healing medkits are unrealistic, they're immersion breakers (healing from 6% health to 100% health in 0,8 seconds with five quick clicks on F3 while simultaneously shooting with your machine pistol and strafing with the enemy isn't the way to go) and being able to find these magical medkits near a fireplace in abandonded metro tunnels and on Paris streets isn't working. :scratch: That was the industry standard when original DX was released, but things have changed (remember, that once it was industry standard to get health by running over floating colourful and shiny objects in the game world). We should let Eidos Montreal to step in the direction of next generation gaming.

BUT (a very heavy "but") I think the health regeneration on Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 or Mercenaries 2 IS NOT the way to go. It might even be worse than magical medkits. Mass Effect does this on "okay" level, but I hope Eidos Montreal will implement it even better. First confirmed step to the right direction is the fact that René said that player is able to see his health level as a bar/other indicator all the time. This kind of indicators do not exist in CoD4/R6:V2/Merc2.

6th Apr 2009, 15:25
As Fox said, this thread is pointless. Mods: you're so fond of locking and merging topics: here is a perfectly valid candidate for that. Let's leave a new poll until after there's actually some new info, hey?

6th Apr 2009, 15:29
Closed, to keep my word.

7th Apr 2009, 14:50
It was MyImmortal's idea! (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showpost.php?p=956985&postcount=6) Don't ban me! :whistle:

Thread temporarily repened...

WTF?! :(

This was not my idea at all. That quote was from ages ago to initiate poll v3.
For the record, this thread is a complete surprise to me as it is for others.

Closed again.