View Full Version : Robot scientist makes discoveries without human help(With Video)

6th Apr 2009, 02:09

K^2 will have something to say about this:p

6th Apr 2009, 02:24

a) Old hat, though, it's interesting to see it actually "discovered" something now.
b) It's really a basis of any good AI. Interesting application of these principals, but nothing revolutionary.

6th Apr 2009, 03:57
These robots will get cheaper

They do boring monotonous work that no one wants to do. All they have to do is get them down to a price to where those robots are affordable in every lab; and possibly eventually in some homes, high schools and colleges; and you will have new discoveries being made very quickly just my sheer number of machines processing information.

6th Apr 2009, 04:02
The scope of discoveries such an architecture can make is very limited. You don't need as many of these machines as you are suggesting to cover all possible things that can be achieved this way.

6th Apr 2009, 06:37
I'd love one of these for reaction optimizations. That is probably the most boring work I have to do. Having said that K^2 is correct that, unless the thing gets much smarter, there really isn't a lot you can use it for.