View Full Version : DirectX ver 9.0c (August)

1st Apr 2009, 19:15
I just bought FEAR and it is bundled with this version of DirectX. Will installing this affect Thief Gold/II gameplay in any way ? And how do I find out what version I'm running currently ?

I'm probably 2-4 weeks from buying a new computer, and I plan to keep the old games on my current 4 year old system, and putting the newer games on the new box, but if 9.0 isn't going to hurt Thief, thought I would go ahead and install it.


Mr. Perfect
2nd Apr 2009, 01:03
In theory, DirectX Whatever is backwards compatible with DirectX Whatever -1. There may be instances where that isn't true, but I can't think of any myself.

To check what version of DirectX you have, got to Start, then Run and type dxdiag into the box that pops up. Since you're running a 4 year old system, it's probably XP. If so, you're probably running some version of DirectX 9 already, maybe even the C version. :)

2nd Apr 2009, 03:04
9.0c has been the standard for a long time. It works fine with Thief, all versions. I used it on Win 2000, and it came with my current XP.

2nd Apr 2009, 12:12
Thanks for the replies.

Funny - I'm 9.0 without the "c". I just haven't installed any game in so long, when FEAR prompted me to install 9.0c I assumed I was still living in the Dark Ages, DirectX-wise. :)