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31st Mar 2009, 10:02
Welcome to the official Just Cause 2 forum! Here's some info about the game to get the ball rolling....

PS3, X360, PC

An explosive open-world adventure set in the diverse tropical playground of Panau in South East Asia. Tackle missions and objectives any way you want and explore the 1000km2 highly detailed and living island by land, sea or air.

Perform an insane range of new daredevil stunts and master the use of the all-new grappling hook and, of course, Rico’s trademark parachute. With over 100 vehicles and dozens of upgradeable weapons at your disposal, your goal is to track down your old friend and mentor Tom Sheldon, who has gone rogue and disappeared on the island of Panau.

Primary Features
• Insane stunts. Jump between multiple positions on a vehicle that’s traveling at breakneck speed while shooting and taking cover.

• Enhanced grappling hook. Rico’s new wrist-mounted grappling hook has been completely updated with all-new functions: scale tall buildings, bind cars and people together and use in combat.

• Parachute. Use Rico’s trademark parachute to parasail from moving vehicles, navigate freely around the island, access secure locations or even use it to perform crazy base jumps from skyscrapers!

• Massive selection of vehicles and weapons. An exciting array of over 100 land, sea and air vehicles with overhauled handling systems. Different weapon types, single and dual-handed weapons, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, explosives, vehicle mounted weapons…and dozens more! Weapons and vehicles can be upgraded on the black-market!

• Unprecedented freedom. Perform missions of your choice and approach them in any way you like or just break off and explore the 1000km2 island. The world features over 260 settlements with a constant stream of things to do including race challenges, stunt challenges, multi-staged missions and more.

• A gigantic, interactive and varied game world. The exotic South East Asian island of Panau offers a diverse and unique game world with tropical jungles, arid deserts, snow-capped mountain ranges and lush tropical beaches.

• Truly stunning graphics. The Avalanche Engine™ brings the exotic island of Panau to life with life-like weather effects and amazing day and night cycles.

Keep an eye on the forum for some big changes and all the latest news and assets from JC2 :D