View Full Version : "Breakout" Trailer Music

Lt. Jim Gordon
27th Mar 2009, 19:39
What's the music Heard in the "Breakout" trailer? Sounds like Immediate Music? What do you guys think?

The Jedi Guardian
27th Mar 2009, 23:07
Nope the game has its own soundtrack. It is by Ron Fish who has done other video game soundtracks. It looks like this might be his best just by listening to the trailers.

He has done God of War soundtracks, Delta Force: Black Hawk down
Just find the cast list that someone posted on here. It links to imbd had the list. Click on his link to see his works.

Does anyone think the God of War music is good? I am just wondering how well his music sounds and how it will make this game good.

28th Mar 2009, 09:41
The music from the God of War series is awesome. If the same composer is doing the music for Arkham Asylum, then I am looking forward to this game even more.