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27th Mar 2009, 00:50
Interesting preview it appears that enemies FLANK you !!! :eek: hhh enjoy CONFIRMED CHALLENGE ROOMS TOO!!!!!!! http://gdc.gamespot.com/story/6206855/

28th Mar 2009, 02:27
Thank you man for posting this. I like it alot.

28th Mar 2009, 05:51
This has already been posted, check the dates there already is before creating spam.

29th Mar 2009, 14:43
Hi everyone , see in the gameplay when batman finish the mission there is a circle appear near IGN flag , is these for saving game ?

Artemis Artium
29th Mar 2009, 17:16
Thanks for the link!

give me D money
29th Mar 2009, 18:24
u just copied the dude that already posted the link