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21st Mar 2009, 23:52
Since the Aaron J's thread never had a poll I would make My own
It's a multiple choice vote, I put the Yes and the No votes and some potential MP modes.

22nd Mar 2009, 00:00
Where's the poll?

22nd Mar 2009, 00:02
Hey I need time to create the poll :nut:
Choose the options wisely and if you vote no or no opinion you shouldn't choose the other options
If you vote yes chose the different gameptypes or even propose your own with the "other" option

22nd Mar 2009, 00:04
I think DM/TDM would be totally useless with regen, but a coop might work. It should probably be released as an expansion later, though.

22nd Mar 2009, 00:10
I don't vote yet, but I think you got right a patch would add the MP later ...

22nd Mar 2009, 00:44
I voted 1) and 3).

It makes sense, considering you cannot capture every possible argument in a poll choice.

I do not need a DX3 MP mode. If there was one, please make it a coop mode!

22nd Mar 2009, 00:48
In your case you should choose the no opinion and the mod because you don't seem to dislike an MP but you don't want it absolutely

22nd Mar 2009, 06:29
I voted for other.

I have in my mind a Sven-Coop type of experience. Individual maps (maybe like Vandenberg in style) completely separate from the single player campaign, that you load up with a friend or more and try to complete whatever objective. That would be great mostly because it would allow for very easy modding capabilities. Just about anyone could throw together a new mp map and stick some scripted sequences on it. It would never come close to the immersive single player obviously, but that isn't the point though is it?

I'm trying to recreate the fun I had playing levels like Gargantua hunt in the old HL engine. Good times.

22nd Mar 2009, 14:20
I voted for

Coop adventure
Single missions
Assault the base mode

Even if they should focus on single player and I think a patch would add the MP in the game...

I'm not against any MP mode I not choose, I just choose the modes I wanted to see in priority if EM make a multiplayer mode for the game.
Because I think a coop mode in deus ex would be fantastic, as well as single missions or assault modes with a DX gameplay.
If the game got one MP mode this would help the modding community to make coop missions and other cool stuff...

Dragon Warrior
23rd Mar 2009, 02:00
i would like to see a RPG MP game

24th Mar 2009, 18:39
1. I don't care for a MP mode in DX. The real fun is in the SP. :cool: I'm only against it if it hurts the SP's development, otherwise: fine, go ahead...

4th Apr 2009, 13:54
1. I don't care for a MP mode in DX. The real fun is in the SP. :cool:

My thoughts too.

1st Jul 2009, 20:20
I put this one up

I want to "enlighten" an idea of a multiplayer the rioters vs cops or something like that
Second my hopes about deus ex 3 to see different stealth methods as the use of improvised weapons in the game.

I think we that we can obtain a good MP with the same stuff as the one from the game

2nd Jul 2009, 21:49
I put yes, albeit I should clarify: I don't expect multiplayer at all. If it did happen, I would like to see a unique iteration of it, perhaps somewhat like a class-based game with augmentations and weapon mods to be purchased.

Never-the-less, multiplayer is only a detail to me, I have plenty of other online games to play, I'll be more interested in Deus Ex's single player.