View Full Version : Loving the look.

9th Feb 2014, 21:44
I have been a fan of the LoK games for as long as i can remember. soul reaver is one of the first games i played as a kid and is one of my favorite games ever i loved the atmosphere and sound track of the old games and i hope that the music in the new game is similar. so far the character designs look very good in the new updated art style however im looking forward to seeing classic style skins for the vampire classes. the game play looks fantastic and over all the game looks fun to play and pleasing to watch. Im loving the look of this game and i cant wait till an open beta so that i can get stuck in and play it for my self.

10th Feb 2014, 22:45
Thanks so much Tibbzx! We do have the classic skins in the works (and they're going to be something die-hard LoK fans are sure to love). It's always great to hear when a long-time Legacy of Kain fan is liking what we've done with the game so far - it makes all of the late nights worth it. :)