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17th Mar 2009, 20:13
There's something wrong with that ...

as you know I am, so do not immediately buy the original American version of the game, but wait (though with much difficulty) the European exit.

Now, while looking for news in the various sites and news, the official confirmation that the game be released in Europe May 29, I was very happy ... until I read that you released on 9 June.

But according to you is normal that a game comes out in another continent weeks before at home?

It seems to me a buffalo, and you? other explanations?

17th Mar 2009, 20:17
There is _no_ official release date from Rocksteady or Eidos, its just bogus. Also nowdays games do get released globally around the same time, if there would be a delay with continent its usually nowdays just 1 week max. ;p

17th Mar 2009, 20:19
it is not uncommon for a game to come out earlier or later in different countries.

17th Mar 2009, 20:43
Just thought I'd clear this up, games are given a 7 day period of release of release, different countries have different release days, the most commonly used example of this is that America title releases are on TUESDAYS and United Kingdom title releaes are on FRIDAYS.

So it's luck of the draw.

18th Mar 2009, 08:03
It seems to me a buffalo, and you? other explanations?

Agreed :)

18th Mar 2009, 09:01
Yup release dates are different for different countries. From my experience , I have seen that new games generally take 1-2 months to release in some Asian countries.

However for this game, I wish this one has a global release date like Spider-man 3 or Mgs4 games.

18th Mar 2009, 21:17
Still everyone!

is the largest publisher EIDOS,'re looking case in England, is where stĂ* 's England: in europe!

although not part of the EU, perhaps cì'è leaving the possibility that in the old continent with the few days earlier than normal ... or am I saying a lot of mistakes?

18th Mar 2009, 21:18
England gets the games the same time as the rest of the Europe, nothing to worry about dude. :P