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16th Mar 2009, 19:12
What I would like to See in DX3:

- Skillponts - They were in Dx1 and they were usefull. running around doing missions in Dx2 without them wasn't very funny, cause no good reward from side-quests.

- Speciallization Tree - in wich you've had to have at least level 3 or something in a skill before unlocking another. Further discussion of this required.

- Less Hud or contextual HUD only. - Walking around in DX2 with half the screen covered in blue wasnt fun. Maybe make it optional. Something like: - Extreme HUD; - Normal HUD; Minimalist HUD. More options would be colour and placement.

- Better Goal/Notes - in Dx2 the goal and notes where excrucianting and had almoust no Info. we need better info and better detailed if i need to search for clues on the objective. DX1 notes were easier to read, appeared in a familiar window context and had relevant information in a note style below objectives.

- LAM and other grenades - double function grenades that you can stick to the wall or trow are better than having to have 2 for each action.

- Inventory - give us more SLOTS than in Dx2. We like to have many things with us, we like to have them all...

- Integrated Map System - forget that bs of having an image of the lvl. make us download squematics of the levels in PC around the lvl and let it show were we are and security features (turrents, cams) should be marked on map when we see them.

- Better AI - Forget graphics, we need better thinking opponents that go searching for their missing parters or that actually need to go to the bathrooom from time to time.

- Computer terminal with better interface - In dx1 there was interface, in dx2 the interface was almoust inexistent. Please grant us a better interface. We use computer, we have an ideia that in the futuire computer would have more function that symple text imput commands.

- Images and Videos in Computer Terminals - Yes we want to see SPAM images, funny images, funny videos, news videos and all sort of viral entertainement that the web in the future can bring us. this can be a good place for tons of easter eggs.

- Hacking with time penalty - Better skill better hacking and less change top get security allerts. And maybe mini-game of hacking, further discussion required.

- More biomods;

- Manual Imput of Security Codes - In Dx2 we had to have had the info and no further action than pressing the use button was required. This is lame. we whant to input the codes ourselfs. This could be great for esater eegs for users that knew a certain keycode that was given to them when they registered for eidos newsletter or someting like that.

- Save were you are - Yes we would like to save anywhere, not just in the checkpoint were we must return everytime we die and re-do everything. free games from checkpoin tyranny.

- Fast travel - we are sick of repeating some routes. give us fast travel. If you´re not happy with it make some restrictions on it, like if there is going to happen something on the route make a blockade so that fast travel is unnavaiable at that time.

- Character Titles - like pacifier or ghost, or terminator according to the player actions in game.

- Global map - were one could choose wich mission to undertake first. further discussion required.

- different ammo for each weapon - dx2 had single ammo functionality wich meaned, spend everything in the rocket launcher, have nothing on your pistol.

- Sword harder to get - in dx2 we could have the sword to soon. The sword is great, but should not be easy to get.

- Hability to make infocomm call - just like in metal gear solid, we should be hable to contact with some characters to get info or even have a nice chat, or even play chess with them. (this lats one could be fun).

- Minigames - yes we like them, but mostly when they aren't forced. Something like, you enter a room and an old guy is playing chess and you have to option to join in and solve the chess problem by wining the game. Or reversi or even monopoly, or minesweeper. Or even a pacman level, or a super-mario. you could use this to advertise for a nintendo ds game. Or maybe, put a demo, for another game, inside dx, or a flash version of that game, like Tomb raider. further discussion required.

- Multiplayer - well, lets make it coop please, or coop support, or a specific level for coop with different agents, like the bomb specialist, the stealth guy and any other in a rescue mission or hostage situation or something like that. And maybe a chat room, I mean a real game room, or a set of game leveles where one could chat with people, walk around and play mini-games with them. This could be funny, playing chess with my pal george from Iceland in a DX3 level.

- Please release a SDK - There are people out there that make magic with this things, so please support them. Give them a change to make a new campaing or an expansion pack, or something else that you guy's could sell at a low price.

- Alternative game-play levels - We love to finish a game to find out that we've unlocked a level with different gameplay. let us finish the game and be rewarded with a new level in wich we have to snag a pic of the boss with the secretary and blackmail him for a raise, or even a promotion. Or even a driving bot competition, where one races with flybots to win the DX3 World cup. or better yet, a turn-based level were one plays ith a team of 3 or 4 agents against the terrorists, being the gameplay similar to x-com. further discussion required.

- Famous Character in-game - let us have a character that looks like chris rock, or even michael moore or sylvester stallone or paris hilton. Or even a trailler of a new comming movie and make the main character of that movie appear in game for autographs or something. This could give you guys more marketing options. further discussion required.

[sorry for some of the english] - What do you guys think?

What would you like to see in DX3?

16th Mar 2009, 19:30
Uhh....is this a troll post, or what? I genuinely don't understand. Some of your points are good, but some seem designed to get a reaction - Paris Hilton or Sly Stallone in a Deus Ex game? Minigames? Player titles?

Assuming it's not a troll post...

-A decent, non-passive health system.
-Native horizontal+ widescreen support out of the box.
-A good HUD: I definitely don't go for the minimalist HUD. DX1 had it nigh on perfect.
-A world that's a believable mid-point between modern day and the setting of DX1.
-Deeper skill point tree, with more different things to spend them on.
-No Hollywood melodrama. If Paul died in DX1, JC got on with it because there were more important things at stake. If my motivation for killing the end boss is anything to with revenge for a personal loss, I'm gonna be pissed.
-More conspiracies than I can shake a dead greasel at.
-Linear progression, non linear areas - leave "free roaming" to the likes of GTA, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, because I'm not convinced a truly compelling narrative can be told in a completely open environment. Each area should be open (to the degree it was in DX1) but the order we visit those places should not.
-Less pandering to modern gaming trends! Let Deus Ex 3 be its own game, like the other 2 were.

16th Mar 2009, 20:05
dont forget

-a good length
-xp for exploration (I mean, exploration you won't do if you just follows the main path (to reward curiosity))_
-items should take no slot

And i've play farcry 2 yesterday. Everytime I kill someone important, the game ask me to save, and the target isn't even on the ground. Whats the point in assassinating someone if the game cut it in the middle of his death scream and animation, welcome immersion !

so EM, thats a no-no.....****

16th Mar 2009, 20:37
Right now I'm thinking about the story and length of the game.

16th Mar 2009, 20:41
- More biomods;
NO biomods.


16th Mar 2009, 21:38
-For me is an huge and very expanded interactivity with the world
-And the main thing is to see original things in the game
-A flexible inventory system even that can allow players to choose the limitation level between some proposals ....

17th Mar 2009, 00:40
Interaction that makes a MUCH greater impact on the game than never before. Talking to anyone or anything and making certain decicions will impact the game in various ways.

Going to newyork new the shanty town. Talking to the little boy about certain things will open up a miniquest or side quest. When hacking into computers you can respond to them by selecting up to 5 different options. You can go back and find out that responding in a VERY negative way to a guy who was emailing a girl he likes....you just ruined their relationship forever and the email she sent back would read something not very nice!

Or like talking to certain people and talking to another guy. The information that they give you. The "QUOTES" of every single character will make a reappearance in the game later on in or by someone else. Or some bum who fought the holy war or something like that. Later on you repeat that to another guy who is the same way and they fork over some extra ammo for understanding him etc etc.

17th Mar 2009, 02:18
The interactivity is a master key in a deus ex game without that computers hacking trade, conversations, etc were impossible. I think anybody should look to that detail because that detail makes the virtual world better.
Since I want to increase the interactivity of each / many things from the game and even the newers ...

17th Mar 2009, 09:26
Some of the things that should appear in the game are already in "DEUS EX 3 - THE MODERATOR FAQ's THREAD".
I liked the DX1, never played DX2 so this opinion is mainly based on DX1. The first time i played it i used mostly stealth and non-firearms weapons then when i
changed it to "Rambo style" it still felt a little out of pace to me - i was playing UT back then. But now i'm not expecting a "full" UT3 paced game either.
Somethings that can be more explored:

-no straight 48 hour mission without seeing the daylight;
-items inventory (or at least choosing some to prepare for a mission);
-apartement to store items/weapons/whatever (kinda like Paul's in DX1);
-secret places;
-to edit notes;
-map (with location of the player and known parts);
-hand-to-hand combat skill/special abilitie (for the action guys see here http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=75220&page=6);
-less HUD (yes, for those "possible" fighting sequences and environment visibility);
-better animations in 1st person view in player/NPCs injuries or deaths;
-interaction factor (this is DX right?);
-immersion (work well those environments);
-good story (this isn't stranglehold, though it can be more like Mirrors Edge in the fighting sequences);
-melee weapons (i liked the stunner baton, #1 weapon);
-save as you want.

18th Mar 2009, 17:40
I'm thinking that it might be a cool idea if there are people you can trade your gear to for stuff. In DX1 you could only buy things from other npc's but you could never sell your own gear to them, I thought that was a bit odd.

18th Mar 2009, 20:15
It would be good if the player could choose where to set a meeting - in a public/private place, open/closed environment, with/without people (vehicle, bar, park, mall...). This can be good for the player to ensure that he doesn't fall into a trap.

I agree with you. That would ensure some extra cash and better, if in instance you have something valuable and rare.