View Full Version : Game freezes at Assassins

Jack Bush
15th Mar 2009, 12:10
This is my first time through the game and it's been fine. Until I reach "Assassins" and when i click Load, it says Loading and freezes.

Solution? I hope.

15th Mar 2009, 16:27
I am unaware of any problem saving in Asassins. Since you are a way through the game, it sounds like a corrupt save file as opposed to a computer problem. Go back to a previous save game and see if you can get through it. If you have not been making "slot saves" and you have only one quick save, then you have brought on your own demise. Repetitive writing and reading one file increases the odds of corruption. In that case, I could e-mail you a save from the previous mission if you PM me with your e-mail address.

EDIT: I have only Thief Gold saves. If you have TDP, they may will not work for you, although we could always try. If you want a save file, tell us what game you have. If not Gold, then maybe someone else can step up.

Jack Bush
15th Mar 2009, 20:19
Thanks Peter. I did very little writing over of saves and in fact made one right at the end when Garett picks up the Horn of Quintus.

I don't have gold; I have Thief: the Dark Project by itself.

Jack Bush
15th Mar 2009, 21:29
I loaded an earlier save which put me in the burrick caves. I worked through them and got to the crypt but now I'm darned if I can find the platforms with the ladders I have to climb to the Horn. And I just did it yesterday!