View Full Version : Who wants Cheat Codes?

The Joker 1
13th Mar 2009, 02:13
Who would like that the game has Cheat Codes like unlimited health and unlimited batarangs, abreviated, Godmode, and those kind of stuff? I would like that.:)

13th Mar 2009, 02:14
Depends on how hard it is. I am trying to stop cheating since it is startring to ruin games for me

The Joker 1
13th Mar 2009, 02:34
:) what happened? I play almost all of my games with cheat codes. I am a Cheater I know but only in the video games ha,ha

It could be fun jumping and defeating the bad guys without getting hurt or killed.

The Jedi Guardian
13th Mar 2009, 02:45
I'd finish the game first, then go back again and play with codes.

I hope you can replay missions and boss levels (select them in the main menu, rather than playing the whole game over again.)

13th Mar 2009, 11:44
Depends on the Game, Batman? No way, hopefully Cheatcodes are only unlocked after you played through the whole game.

13th Mar 2009, 12:18
Do modern games even have cheat codes anymore? I haven't used cheats since playstation 1. =p

13th Mar 2009, 14:41
No I dont , the game will be Hard without Cheats and Codes

This will make the Game very Excited :naughty:

13th Mar 2009, 16:40
Cheat codes should only be enabled after you finished the game for some extended fun.

13th Mar 2009, 23:00
Do you guys knw u already have unlimited batarangs they dont run out u can use them as much as u want :o

13th Mar 2009, 23:18
F*** cheat codes. It doesn't make the game fun if you use them. We all cheat at GTA games. I don't though. I just go buy the armor even if it does mean losing $500. I still go buy it though.

The Sparrow
14th Mar 2009, 01:22
Cheat codes would be nice, but I only use them in the most distressing needs.

14th Mar 2009, 02:12
I havent seen cheat codes on really any newer games, atleast the ones i own. Cheat Codes suck though, it ruins the games value. Maybe a cheat code to get some new costumes or just a different color cape and cowl.

Im sure once you beat the game you can play though the game again with all his power ups so he'll be super bad ass from the start.

The Joker 1
14th Mar 2009, 02:36
I think that it would be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing with Cheat Codes. I think that It would be best to play as the Joker So that we can enable a Cheat Code that allows us to play as him. I think that they should include in the game a variety of costumes so that everyone can get what they want. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe to play as The Joker. Some of you would like to play as Batman in different outfits.

I would like that too, But There aren-t a lot of ganmes that allows you to play as The Joker. I am begging to you:( Producers of Batman Arkham Asylum, Please Include an option in the game that allows you to play as The Joker the entire game. Please. If this doesn't happens I will feel very dissapointed In the way that The Game could be done more perfect.

But anyway the game looks GREAT:) :D

The Jedi Guardian
14th Mar 2009, 02:56
Playing as the joker can be fun

That reminds me There was an episode in The Batman series about how there are two masked vigilantes in Gotham City. He somehow gets a really similar duplicate version of the batsuit and his tools and utility belt. He didn't have a batmobile, but it was funny. He didn't just take down criminals but a guy who misses the trash can, a lady who left her turn signal on, and the mayor's wife. Batman says there can only be one bat and joker agrees. They fight and at some point the batjoker releases a electronic snake that give him joker venom. (In another episode the joker tricked Batman and he was stuck in the cell. A guard spots batman and there is joker paint and a wig and a straight jacket) I recommend viewing. That also reminds me of when joker adds the venom to his system.

So it would be cool to play as joker, and it would be funny to play as batjoker (who is actually more serious and he tries to be sane) and banejoker.

14th Mar 2009, 15:14
im pretty sure in the original game informer magazine it said we were going t be able to play as a villain .

14th Mar 2009, 15:17
Also back to cheats.

We already know that there is going to be unlimited batarangs the thing left would be things like bombs and what not. So im thinking batman can just swing by his underground batcave or batmobile for supplies/re-arm. God knows batman is never lacking supplies of any kind.

14th Mar 2009, 15:19
im pretty sure in the original game informer magazine it said we were going t be able to play as a villain .

Yeah Coool :eek: :thumb:

15th Mar 2009, 02:07
I wouldn't be against it if they added some fun cheats... It all depends on how hard the game is.

15th Mar 2009, 06:39
Who would like that the game has Cheat Codes like unlimited health and unlimited batarangs, abreviated, Godmode, and those kind of stuff? I would like that.:)

Well, I personly, use cheat after I finish the game. But not when i play it for the first time.

16th Mar 2009, 21:36
If there are cheats, I'd only use extra costumes and infinite gadgets.

I'd love to play the game in the classic blue and grey outfit. (complete with whited-out eyes!)

Why So Serious ?
16th Mar 2009, 22:03
No thanks the last time i used ccheat codes they blocked my adchivements

17th Mar 2009, 08:33
I would like cheats for costumes

The Joker 1
18th Mar 2009, 02:13
Sorry to say this but I think that achievements are a useless thing if you don't have xbox live.

I would like to play as The Joker. But I would like to play as him when I finish the game. But If I can play the game with cheats since the first moment, that would be great.:D

The Joker 1
6th Apr 2009, 00:09
Any news about Cheats?

6th Apr 2009, 00:12
Cheat codes kill games unless it's to unlock exclusive stuff that can't be unlocked in the game.

6th Apr 2009, 04:08
I only use cheat codes after I beat a game unless it doesn't mess anything up (as in extra costumes and such), unless it's Grand Theft Auto (haha), but that would be cool if the game had some.

6th Apr 2009, 15:09
To be honest i dont want cheats for this game coz i wanna just be like batman. I do cheat, only in GTA games. Maybe unlock cheats after finishing the game or collecting things.

6th Apr 2009, 23:09
to me honestly it depends on the cheats if it is a play as another character cheat then yea i will use it but if it is a ruin the game by making it to easy cheat i will probably steer clear of that