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11th Mar 2009, 22:44

I just wonder, are there ways to remove the menue sound in Thief Gold? When I sneak through a silent building and then go to the menue or switch to the map, suddenly the roaming engine sound hits the silence, VERY uncomfortable (and a bad design decision in my opinion).

I also wonder if it is possible to remove the 3D menue layout, just keeping the background black (more comfortable if switched to, when in a dark ingame room)? All the important things like the typo, switches and arrows are not part of the 3D background I believe.

12th Mar 2009, 03:09
I guess it is not possible to continue 3-D game sounds at the menu. I think the game processing, both audio and video, is stopped when you enter the menus. Menus may be designed in Dromed to have their own sound loops, including, if you like, no sound.

I suppose if you were really clever you could write a script to substitute the current in-game ambient sound for the default menu sound. I don't know for sure. I have never seen it done.

It is possible to change the design and colors of the menu, to black or whatever. That is done all the time in FMs (Fan Missions). If you learned Dromed, the editor, I would think you could figure out how to do it for the Original Mission campaign. I don't know how myself. After learning the basics of Dromed, post your question in the Dromed area or go to TTLG editor's guild.

Frankly, this is the first complaint I have heard about the existing design.

15th Aug 2009, 04:56
One issue i had in thief gold was when entering a menu (like reading a book), and then exiting out, the volume would suddenly be INSANELY loud, almost ear shattering. What I found fixes this quickly is under key bindings you can bind keys for "ambient sound increase" or decrease and i believe a few other game-internal sound increase/decrease settings. so bind them to keys (i used the keys like del, insert, pgup, pgdown), and press it as soon as u switch out from a book, it will make the game volume correct again and u will only hear a really loud noise for a fraction of a second.

15th Aug 2009, 06:36
This is a common indication that your sound card/chip may be failing. I had the same problem until I replaced the sound card.

Tests on the old card failed in some areas. So I replaced it. I've not had that problem since.