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10th Mar 2009, 20:08
Yes! We finally have an official rating for this game, I'm not sure if most of you have noticed, but the game website is slightly changed, they now have a trailer link added on, and an actual game rating. The game is now Teen, but it is not just any kind of a Teen game, it is whats known as a Hard-Teen rating, this means it is on the verge of a Mature rating, of course you wont see tons and tons of guts and gore, but there will be blood and such. As the lineup says the game is Teen for Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Tobacco Reference, and Violence. So expect this game to be for the adult age group, but not that kids wont be able to play it either, it is just going to be a little more adult than most Teen games. :thumb:

The Jedi Guardian
11th Mar 2009, 03:33
Just like the Dark Knight. This probably has a little more content than the movie.

Alcohol Reference
Tobacco Reference