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The Bat
6th Mar 2009, 17:20
I just opened this thread to discuss possibilities of how the batarang will work in the game and what you guys don't want it to be. I'm just curious!

6th Mar 2009, 17:39
I believe that the way the batarang will work in this game is by the following:

1) You have an unlimited amount of batarangs.
2) Once you throw one the view goes into 1st person and you control the batarang.

Now this is what i think...
I think the idea that the batarangs are unlimited is great. The first person control of the batarang should be cool too.

Although i believe i will get bored of that eventually. I think they should also allow the gamer to target an enemy and the batarang hits them w/o going into first person.

The first person view should be allowed only if batman is "zooming in" on the enemy.

In other words...When Batman is "locked on" to an enemy the batarang hits them w/o going into 1st person, Else when Batman is "zooming in" on an object or enemy the batarang enters 1st person.

That's how i think it should be. :thumb:

6th Mar 2009, 20:46
Dark Sector Glaive :)

'Nuff said :P

7th Mar 2009, 05:57
Dark Sector Glaive :)

'Nuff said :Pit didn't work too well in the game.

7th Mar 2009, 10:19
I Always thought it did, you could quickly throw it at someone and you could hold it to control it, so ithink it'll be like that.