View Full Version : Can't give gun to Lynch - tried everything!

6th Mar 2009, 01:37
I can't give the gun to Lynch.

I read the other posts where people were confused that MB3 is the scrollwheel, but even when I change the key to MB4, or MB5 - still nothing.

The little green circle comes up now, but when I double press "W" - he just walks forward, but does not give the gun to Lynch.

I tried changing "W" to another key as well, but still no luck. He just walks forward.

What should I do? It's such a stupid thing to have the game stuck on... and everyone else seems to have figured out a workaround.

21st Aug 2009, 08:25
HI! You play K&L on your pc right? To open your inventory, you have to press (and hold) "MB3" - the scrollwheel. The invetory looks like a circle: if you press "up" (or "W") while still holding the "MB3" button, you take the primary weapon, "down" (or "S") is the secondary weapon (...). To give someone (Lynch) one of your guns, you have to stand near/next to that person. If you press now the "MB3" button, you don't just see your inventory (inner circle) but also the inventory of Lynch (outer circle). To give him your primary weapon, you press "up" (or "W") twice. If he has already a gun, you just switch weapons. Hope it helps!!!