View Full Version : a tour with the batmobile

1st Mar 2009, 12:34
I introduce myself :wave: , my name is Andrea and I come from Italy, I look forward to Arkham Asylum, and I thought to sign up for this forum to learn more.

My question is this: you will be able to use the batmobile, and all its gadgets to explore some areas outside the asylum? :cool:

NB: sorry if my English may be bad :nut: , but I'm using the google translator to facilitate life. :D

1st Mar 2009, 16:10
Hello welcome to the boards, so far there has been no confirmation whether we get tl use the batmobile or not, there is a rumor but I'm not sure where it started.

Blak Puddn
1st Mar 2009, 17:38
There is an article on here that says it is still a rumor that you will be able to use the batmobile to travel to Gotham City and Wayne Manor. The source is a PS magazine.

The Sparrow
2nd Mar 2009, 22:46
To XiaolinRanger

Il tuo englsh รจ grande. Io uso Google Translate tutto il tempo. Sono un grande fan di Batman, e questo gioco sembra awesome! Mi auguro che anche una situazione in cui si potrebbe utilizzare la Batmobile, come si deve guidare il Joker di Arkham.:wave: