View Full Version : FFXIV: Brazil Version

8th Feb 2014, 03:29
Hi I am Ronaldo. I'ma big fan of the Final Fantasy series and like many Brazilian gamers want it launched a localized version of Final Fantasy XIV here because U.S. $ 1 is equal to BR $ 2.37 (story-02.07.2014). What makes the game becomes expensive here in Brazil, and our country a large market for games, I wonder what the position of the Square on this subject?

11th Mar 2014, 01:56
I would like to thank Square Enix for the game available to the Steam store here in Brazil, the same day I bought it and have been playing this amazing MMO.
However, I still can not find the Game Time Card to buy the Steam store and soon will end the days that comes along with the FF XIV.
There is already a date for the launch of Game Time Card here in South America?