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20th Feb 2009, 00:12
Do you guys agree that batmans eyes should be fully white?? he looks corny when you see his pupils :nut: (I love these smileys :rasp: ) if it was white it would add much more character to this batman it fits his persona of being mysterious and scary so this :cool: and none of this please :nut:

20th Feb 2009, 00:33
I never liked the white in the eyes. I always though that it was kinda dumb.

20th Feb 2009, 00:56
I agree, I was actually just thinking about this and wondering why this has never been incorporated into the movies. I thought maybe they left it out because it would hide the actor more than they wanted to, but they are supposed to be there, it wasn't just for the look, they were lenses in the same way that spiderman has them, try to imagine the spiderman without the lenses. I think they should definitely add the lenses, it would complete the look of the comic and the cartoon.

20th Feb 2009, 09:14
It doesn't really matter too much. I mean we'll be watching Batman's back the entire time, the only time we'll see his face is during cutscenes. Even during cutscenes we might get one when he's in investigation mode or whatever.

20th Feb 2009, 19:01
to be fair, we saw the lenses on batman's eyes in the dark knight when he was using the sonar application. personally, i thought it looked a little retarded in real life, but for comics and video games i agree, white eyes are the way to go

20th Feb 2009, 19:11
There is a fan film of batman called "Batman dead end" by Sandy Collora in which batman fights with the Joker and it the end he fights with a Depredator; in this fan film batman has no pupils, and I think he looks kind of cool, and scary for whoever wants to confront him.

You can watch the fam film in this link:


20th Feb 2009, 21:23
I don't really care, I'm not really in to comics, but I like Batman. It would be cool but I don't care if he doesn't have them

21st Feb 2009, 02:57
Like I said. I think it looks dumb. Mainly because it didn't add realism. My eyes don't turn white after I put a mask on. So I never actually got the point of that.

door noob
21st Feb 2009, 04:06
Like I said. I think it looks dumb. Mainly because it didn't add realism. My eyes don't turn white after I put a mask on. So I never actually got the point of that.

i agree that with eyes would not look great although those are lenses not your eyes and we might see them when batman activates his x-ray or what not.

21st Feb 2009, 07:14
I think being able to see his eyes reinforces that he is a human, and not some super awesome hero. He's just a guy in a suit, and the eyes are the most expressive part of the face, so it makes sense that they should be visable.

Depends why you love Batman though I think, whether you like the fact he is a man in a bat suit or a cool guy in a bat suit with cool tech. Mind you, some of his tech is pretty awesome, but it's not why I like him.

21st Feb 2009, 09:25
I personally think it depends on the setting of the medium that the story is being told on. For cartoons it works perfectly on many levels. The most important is showing his expression. Just by looking at his eyes you could tell if Batman was surprised, shocked, sad, pissed, angry.... etc. Lets face it, in TAS if Batman was pissed he looked scary.

Now for Arkham Asylum, since this seems to be a more real world gritty setting, I think it looks better with out the white eyes. Now if the game was in Cell Shedding or had a more animated approach then I would say go with the whites. It all depends on what effect the animators want for Batman.

The Jedi Guardian
22nd Feb 2009, 04:33
I would like it available for preference as a setting

I think it adds to the bat look. That he represents a creature than a human (he can't be just man to fight criminals, it also makes him more fearful)

If the eye pieces were flexible like and were attached to a spot near the eyebrows, he can show his expressions that way.

23rd Feb 2009, 01:20
As stated, they are going for a more realistic approach, as evident in every single person's textures and renders. Even Joker and someone like Killer Crock, while out there in their respective forms, they both look real. They have real-looking skin, real textures, etc. If Batman existed, he'd draw too much attention to himself with a mask on that had bright white eye panels, and unless there is a reason for the tech, like a new filed of vision seen in The Dark Knight with Sonar, then it's not practical to have him have anything there but his own eyes. What's more scary is a humanoid creature grabbing you that has actual angry, fierce, real eyes staring into your very soul, than one who has nothing there to show you power. A bat has actual eyes and so, too, should Batman if that's what he's trying to emulate.

The wited-out superhero eyes in their masks all started to save time anyway, as inking in eyes that small would take more time than it was worth. However, when creating an actual real-looking Batman, not a cartoon, showing what he would really look like with a mask on is the way to go. I don't see why it's a problem for anyone to see him not have unrealistic wited-out eyes...