View Full Version : The genius of Mark Hamill

The New Blueguy
18th Feb 2009, 21:15
Now, I know just about everyone has seen this but it needs (begs) to be shared again!! Plus it will give newcomers an example of what to expect from the game with The Joker having as much dialog as he does.

I present the genius of Mark Hamill:



The New Blueguy
18th Feb 2009, 21:17
Oh and I dare you to tell me you didn't crack up before 1 minute mark!!

18th Feb 2009, 21:44
For me it said the video was unavailable! =(

k1ll1ng j0k3
18th Feb 2009, 21:50
for me too! :mad2:

The New Blueguy
18th Feb 2009, 22:08
Alright try it again!! That was supposed to be a lower cased L not a capital i at the beginning of the link. The wonders of the PS3 browser.... I can't link automatically so I had to type out the URL by letter and confused the two. Sorry about that!!

18th Feb 2009, 22:09
gives me chills every time i hear Hamill's Joker laugh

The New Blueguy
18th Feb 2009, 22:18
I just love the very deep and throaty starting like a low growl laugh he uses when he's about to pull a fast one in a fight or gets real twisted. It's almost like the laugh is taunting and saying "I know something disgustingly evil that you don't know and I'm gonna stab you in the eye from under my jacket!!" He used it a lot to show off an older Joker in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the direct to video feature in which comes back to a futuristic Gotham to torment a new Batman.

19th Feb 2009, 15:21
kinda makes you wonder if there are any "bloopers" where random people (i.e Kevin Conroy) burst out into their own fit of laughter or giggles - it is pretty contagious.

20th Feb 2009, 01:45
The one at 3:09 is my favorite.

21st Feb 2009, 10:17
For the longest time I never knew that Mark Hamill was the voice of The Joker. Not until a couple of years after they stopped making the first round of TSA. I was paying attention to the credits and I saw Mark Hamill as The Joker. I was shocked. I couldn't believe how awesome of a job he did with The Joker.

Ever since then if Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and the rest of the crew on TSA wasn't involved it wasn't worth watching.

k1ll1ng j0k3
21st Feb 2009, 15:55
I know what you mean! I only found out a few years ago that Mark Hamill was the voice of The Joker. that was one of the reasons of why I didn't watch the new series "The Batman". They didn't have the original crew and I hate the way they drew the characters. I love the way they did it in Batman TAS but the looks they had on the new one were horrendous at least not to my liking.