View Full Version : Is it possible to slow down the game??

15th Feb 2009, 15:59

can anyone tell me how to slow down Commandos? On my very old computer the game worked at just the right speed, but now I've got a fast laptop, so the Nazis sprint everywhere and if they spot you, shoot you dead before you can respond! It's made it pretty much unplayable...

any advice apprecited on what settings on the computer need to be adjusted,



15th Feb 2009, 18:46
Something like this should do the trick:


22nd Feb 2009, 20:28
I have never questioned the pace of the game in the first two (BEL, BTCOD) commandos but how fast are the guys supposed to run? As fast as in C2 or faster? I have just played BEL and there everybody runs much faster than in C2 and C3, about twice the speed. Is that the correct amount, or is it too fast? Can you give me a link to a video on youtube or something that shows how the game is supposed to run?