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15th Feb 2009, 03:26
Hey guys, I have recently been thinking of getting into the LoK series but I would like to know if I can just play the soul reaver series seperate, because the first one is 2D and I'm not really a fan of 2D games.

All the others look great but do they all continue on?

I have researched the story and I have gathered that maybe you don't need blood omen series to understand the soul reaver and defiance, some one please help, I would really appreciate it:D

15th Feb 2009, 08:42
The original Blood Omen will help with the story line, but it isn't crutial to playing SR, SR2, BO2, or Defiance.

You "could" start with SR1 and play SR2, and Defiance, and not be too lost. But if you want the entire experance, you should play all the games.

15th Feb 2009, 12:19
I´ve started with SR too, then proceeded with SR2, BO2 and Defiance. While playing those games I got so hooked up by the story so I just had to get BO to understand things better. But you can still read the transcript to help you understand without playing.

15th Feb 2009, 20:11
I too started with Soul Reaver.

Then to the sequal, then Blood Omen 2, then Defiance.

I still haven't got around to completing the original game, though...

15th Feb 2009, 20:21
Since the whole story of the series revolves around the events of the original game, you should play through Blood Omen at some point.
As for Blood Omen 2, it doesn't involve itself much with the other games, but you should wait with that one at least until after Soul Reaver 2.

16th Feb 2009, 16:51
I started with BO2 then played SR2 & Defiance... not until recently I played BO & SR and then I got the story finally :D

You could however visit Nosgothic Realm (http://www.nosgoth.net). Here are almost all the dialogue in the game series. This can help you understand the game without playing it. You also check youtube (http://www.youtube.com) if you want to look something up.

17th Feb 2009, 02:31
Hey guys, thanks for the advice, I have decided to play all of the games but now I need to know which order to play them in?

Is the correct order the order of which they were released or is it, Blood omen, blood omen2, soul reaver, soul reaver2 then defiance?

If someone could help I would appreciate.

17th Feb 2009, 05:56
The release order should work.

Personally, I'd use the order: BO1, BO2, SR1, SR2, LOKD.

17th Feb 2009, 07:24
So, BO, BO2, SR, SR2, LoKD?

I need to know before I play because I can already tell the story is going to confoozle me a tad, so the order would probably help me alot.

17th Feb 2009, 12:45
Yep, that order should suit you fine. :-)

17th Feb 2009, 13:40
NO!!! play it in this order:

Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 & Defiance.

SR2 was released before BO2 and you spoil some parts by playing BO2 before SR2........

17th Feb 2009, 18:19
So the actual release order would be the best one?

I thought BO2 was supposed to take place before SR2?

I haven't finished SR2 and LOKD, so I guess I need to do so first. :-)

SixaxisMan: Take Linikratyo's advice. (I'm gonna do that myself!)

17th Feb 2009, 19:44
BO2 is near a stand-alone game, though it does offer up some info on events that play out in Defiance. Order-wise, it's the timeline alteration that's a direct result of actions taken in SR2, so it should come after that game. The events also take place further down the timeline than any moment in SR2, so for that reason also, it should come afterwards. Ha, though SR1 happens far in the future of them all...

Anyway, the order Linikratyo gave is the best, so go with that. I wound up playing BO2 first, which hooked me into the series, then played the rest in order. It can be done other ways, also, but since you have a choice, you might as well go this way.

18th Feb 2009, 07:57
Thanks, I'm about to buy the whole series off eBay right now, I'M SO EXCITED.

My two favorite game series' Tomb raider, which I have just finished all of them and now onto Legacy of kain:D

18th Feb 2009, 14:09
Thanks, I'm about to buy the whole series off eBay right now, I'M SO EXCITED.

My two favorite game series' Tomb raider, which I have just finished all of them and now onto Legacy of kain:D

Good luck and enjoy!!! :thumb: