View Full Version : Thief 2 on Vista begging for DX 7?

13th Feb 2009, 22:57
Hi all

I've been trying to get Thief 2 to run on my vista-based computer, using Goldsa's method he posted in the stickies in this forum. The only step I was unable to follow was to change the cam.cfg file for the DDFIX patch; my cam.cfg did not contain a game_screen_size line, so I couldn't edit that line to match my intended screen resolution.

Now when I try to boot the game, I instantly get a "fuzzy" texture and an error message demanding I install DX 7 or higher... I decided to humor it and reinstall DX 10, but it still doesn't like that. I can't easily locate a download for DX 7, and I'm not sure I should be installing that anyway. Anyone have any ideas?

P.S. It's wonderful to revisit the Thief community after so long and see so many of the old community members active! I've been a silent fan for many years of all your hard work!

Edit: After googling around some more, I found some advice to check the compatability mode... It wants to be set to XP Service Pack 2, not Windows 98 as my husband had it set LOL!
The game is running like a champ now, I'm so glad I found the advice here to get it rolling again!