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7th Feb 2009, 04:19
Poison Ivy has been all but confirmed, and the possibilities for her boss battle certainly have me interested. I'm just wondering what sort of appearence they'll use for Ivy. Perhaps her design will be like The long Halloween where her hair is leaves (I hope not), or perhaps her hair is filled with them. Perhaps her skin will be green, perhaps it'll be normal, perhaps it'll be in between (TNBA).

So what kind of look do you want for her? If Diane Pershing voices her, I certainly hope she looks like her TNBA appearence, especially the skin and hair, because the leaves in the hair don't really fit.

7th Feb 2009, 04:33
I think the leaves in the hair would be okay, however leaves for hair would be stupid. This look would be good in my opinion.


7th Feb 2009, 04:39
^^ Yup. Nothing wrong with that. I'd like to see her forced to adapt to the availability of plant life on Arkham's rocky island (thank the gods it's not holey rusted metal). Maybe her blooms have withered and her leaves turned brown in her sunless cell. We could be assaulted by spore releasing fungus and slimy algae.
She'd be so depressed. Maybe ol' Bats would be tempted to release her.

7th Feb 2009, 04:44
This is true, maybe have her in her cell at first unhappy no plant life, and then she gets out and the true Ivy comes to life.

6th Mar 2009, 12:23
One can note that in the few episodes of B:TAS that showed Arkham, Ivy had plants in her cell. Just something to think about.

7th Mar 2009, 10:55
Yeah, I remember she had plants in her cell in the Animated Series and in many comics, but it makes sense, she's charming so the guards may be kind to her ;)

7th Mar 2009, 15:06
I would like her to be very skimpy. Like having leaves bairly covering her "areas."

7th Mar 2009, 17:47
I wouldn't mind Just Joker's pic of Poison Ivy to be like that in the game. But I think that her part in the game would be pretty big, involving a whole other room or environment. If you look closely at the teaser trailer,when it gets to the scene where Batman is standing on a ledge looking over Arkham Asylum, to the left of Batman, it looks like a giant green house. I think there is when you will have the boss battle with Poison Ivy. Maybe you may also have to face plant monsters instead of thugs from Joker. But this is just a theory.