View Full Version : NY Comic Con officially started today, will we see any new Arkham Asylum coverage?

The New Blueguy
6th Feb 2009, 23:17
Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there will be any new coverage of Batman: Arkhan Asylum over the next few days seeing as the annual New York Comic Con started today. I'll be keeping an eye out for any new coverage, hopefully more on the game and unveiling more new characters.

I really hope we get something new because even though I know the game is a ways off from now, it just wouldn't Comic Con without some new info on this game.

Really I just hope the team will be at Comic Con, because I'd settle for more info like stuff on the puzzle-solving and detective work and how in-depth it is. I mean even if I don't see it I can picture Harley's new look and I've seen Jim Lee's artwork on many of the characters before so as much I'd love to new characters I just want more info because I need to that Batman can do more than hit people really hard.

Here's hoping!!

7th Feb 2009, 00:32
Here's hoping, indeed.