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5th Feb 2009, 11:47
Hello everyone :wave:

I wonder if anyone can assist me? I have TRLE installed (It was bundled with my Chronicles game), but when I attempt to play some custom levels that claim to be playable without any extras, I find myself in deep do-do and can't play.

I can get some levels to run but not all and I don't understand what to do. :o

I recently downloaded a Paris game and I get the menu up all right but when I select for a new game (Neues Speil), I get an IE message which insists has to shut down the programme with the following error code:

AppName: tomb4.exe AppVer: ModName: tomb4.exe
ModVer: Offset: 0005048f

Why is this happening?

Is there a way to fix this please? Only I am not very technically minded. I can try to elaborate and post screenshots if needed.

Thank you,

Lo :)

5th Feb 2009, 18:13
This tutorial should help you to get custom levels installed and working. :)


6th Feb 2009, 15:46
Thank you so much Bedazzled. :)

7th Feb 2009, 08:40
try this one (http://www.trle-hosting.net/levels/2007/0807/Driber-AL3LostChambers.zip)

that'll work stand-alone for sure and it comes with a 1-click install program

if something *does* go wrong with this one, I can tell you exactly what the problem is ;)

7th Feb 2009, 14:15
try this one (http://www.trle-hosting.net/levels/2007/0807/Driber-AL3LostChambers.zip)

that'll work stand-alone for sure and it comes with a 1-click install program

if something *does* go wrong with this one, I can tell you exactly what the problem is ;)

Driber, many thanks.

I am just downloading it to my desktop now so will report back with any errors.

Fingers crossed! :thumb:

16th Feb 2009, 08:48
can I uncross them yet? ;)

17th Feb 2009, 07:51
Yep! Cool game actually Driber!

Not sure I am doing "stuff" in the correct order but I am in the room with the fire platforms. I made it across to the other side and moved the thingie and now have to figure out how to return without getting frazzled :D

How cruel of you to add that trick boulder switch though, you devilish creature :lol:

17th Feb 2009, 15:06
The “clever” player should always be able to figure
it out the first time, and feel the tangible “glow” of success, the feeling of
“beating the designer”… of course, sometimes the designer can be simply
“in a bad mood” and ‘instant death’ is the only recourse. Designer revenge
is sweet!

- Philip Campbell, trle manual


Not sure I am doing "stuff" in the correct order but...

not to worry, the gameplay is non-linear so the order in which you do things does not matter :)

21st Feb 2009, 21:20
Right, this is good news. :thumb:

Driber, must ask, have you made any other playable levels straight from download?

I like your style.

I've managed to play a couple right through with limited help. One was Titak's "Himilayan Mysteries" and the other was "Coyote Creek".

I got a bit stuck on "Plain of Jars" (Should probably read "plane"?), but yours is keeping me suitably amused!

So any more links are always welcomed.

You may have read elsewhere on Eidos Forums that I have a new TR site named Tomb Raider Classics. Active little site and yesterday I started a new LE and Add-ons board. You may want to check us out, Driber. You're welcome to launch the board with some cool links if you're interested. We're working on a forum banner but pretty much everything else is in place and I'd sure appreciate your input (here, if not on TRC) ;)


Many thanks mate,

Lo :wave:

22nd Feb 2009, 14:19
no, Lost Chambers is the only stand-alone I released. my first 2 levels have to be installed with the TRLE.

Here is my list of stand-alone levels at trle.net:


and plain is spelled correct ;)

1. Level land; usually, an open field or a broad stretch of land with an even surface, or a surface little varied by inequalities; as, the plain of Jordan; the American plains, or prairies.

25th Feb 2009, 23:09
So, these are all playable from download?

(Sorry for the misspelling issue)

I am in and out of the madical team's centre at the mo but will try to play/test these soon and list them. Thank you, Driber :thumbsup:


25th Feb 2009, 23:25
yes, they are.

no problem. and if you happen to find some stand-alone levels yourself, let me know so that I can update my list :-)

26th Feb 2009, 09:42


26th Feb 2009, 10:43
hmm nothing like a bit of self-promotion, huh :D

ok so these are all stand-alones, correct?

could you give me the links to the info pages of those levels at trle.net please so that I can have their database updated

26th Feb 2009, 12:28
Some of them are not standalones at trle.net, like The Imprisoned Spirits NG and Flashback.


28th Feb 2009, 08:50
eh? are you saying that those 2 levels are not stand-alone at trle.net, but they are stand-alone on your site? :confused:

28th Feb 2009, 20:03
Yes! I took the time to set them up as stand alone levels and reuploaded them only recently. From now on I'm only going to be hosting stand alone levels.


28th Feb 2009, 20:21
very wise decision :thumbsup:

I hope that if you have any levels that require your custom exe, you included the widescreen patch in them.

It is so annoying to still see very recent levels at trle.net where their custom exe is required to play and they don't think about including the widescreen option, forcing me to play the level with black bars on my LCD TV :mad2:

28th Feb 2009, 21:28
That must be a TREP thingie, don't know anything about it. I'll look into it.


28th Feb 2009, 22:36
It sounds like the Harly and Ensi Widescreen patch, which, like George Maciver said, is to do with TREP. Widescreen seems fine on TRNG/NGLE levels.

Interesting that you get black bars on your display when it's not on widescreen mode, Driber. I just get a fat Lara. :scratch:

1st Mar 2009, 01:00
You get the black bars when you change the aspect ratio on the TV, I would think that is how he plays the levels rather than with 'fat Lara'.

I'll need to try out some of these levels sometime, I guess.

1st Mar 2009, 10:19
my kiwi colleague is correct, I switch my TV to 4:3 mode for non-widescreen levels, resulting in a black bar on the left and right

qbg, when you say display you probably mean your computer monitor. on monitors you can indeed not change the screen ratio. so with widescreen monitors you'll always see fat lara when playing non-widescreen levels.

1st Mar 2009, 14:40
You get the black bars when you change the aspect ratio on the TV

my kiwi colleague is correct, I switch my TV to 4:3 mode for non-widescreen levels, resulting in a black bar on the left and right.

Ah-hah! Of course. I remember now. Well, I have an LCD TV as well, so I can switch to 4:3 mode, but to be honest with you, I find the black bars more annoying than the stretch. Then again, i'm rarely noticing it because most custom levels I play are difficult. :gamer: