View Full Version : Based on a graphic novel?

31st Jan 2009, 19:42
I'm not a massive Batman fan i must say, but i would like to read the graphic novel this game is based on if there is one. I have looked around but cant see any answer, can anyone here please tell me?

31st Jan 2009, 19:47
there is a graphic novel called batman arkham asylum but it's only about some villains holding doctors hostage at arkham, i'm not sure if it was an inspiration.

31st Jan 2009, 19:52

this includes:

Re-Animator 1-3
The Picture in the House
Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, A serious House on Serious Earth, and Tales of Madness

31st Jan 2009, 19:56
Thanks guys, i was just expecting to get flamed, guess the people here are nicer then in other forums

1st Feb 2009, 00:23
I have a feeling that this Arkham is based off multiple spawnings of Arkham Asylum, and pulls a lot of references from various sources. Still, I'd recommened to have a look at the comic Angelslam linked; Arkham Asylum: A serious house etc is a fantastic glimpse into the strange world of Arkham.

Wikipedia is also your friend if you want to learn about a few of the villains in a bit more detail. =D

1st Feb 2009, 02:45
trust me LBV, people aren't gonna give you a problem for not being a big batman fan :) it always helps to do alittle homework on the subject before going into playing arkham though. i reccomend you look up some info on batman and his universe to understand the characters, otherwise you might not understand why the villains are doing what they do.