View Full Version : Thailand treasure hunt glitch.

31st Jan 2009, 10:42
Ok, so i know that all the enemies you killed in game play should be dead, i went down into the bit where the first two tigers came, i knew they wouldn't come, and they didn't, so i went up to the bit where you start climbing to get to the higher level, except, i stayed on the ground and went to the left corner and a tiger slashed its paw at me, my heart skipped a bit and i nearly had a heart attack, so i killed it, (and no music came on like it doesn't in treasure hunt mode) and then i climbed up, after the wall jump bit and your on the long stone beam, i pressed camera to look for the tigers, there were two tigers in the ready position on the bit where they wait for you in the beginning, i thought she'd survive the jump below if i dangled and dropped, but she died, so when it loaded up again, the tigers weren't there. I was like... OK? And so i climbed up to where the next set of tigers come, and they didn't come. :eek: