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30th Jan 2009, 23:07
yes, i know its IGN...
but still, i havent seen this posted here, its from today;


theres a couple of new things in there;
Comfirmation of Zsasz and Harley.
It also contains what someone said the other day about harley new look.
theres a few other new things in there, so i guess its worth a read :)

31st Jan 2009, 00:04
Sweet, thanks for the info.

Bolt Phoenix
31st Jan 2009, 00:17
The article is very interesting and it's nice to get a few more things confirmed.

Thank you for posting this~ ^^

Blak Puddn
31st Jan 2009, 00:26
Great article

31st Jan 2009, 01:13
Thats pretty mucyh the same article thats been floating around couple of months, i guess now with the attraction of the trailer, there advertising the game with articles and hey atleast the pictures were new. :d