View Full Version : Daemonite's AI Model Patch == no difference

29th Jan 2009, 00:12
I installed Daemonite's AI mesh patch and saw no difference between unpatched and the new models. I was looking at the very same Hammerite both times. I tried adding ./mesh, ./motions, and ./obj to resname_base in install.ini, but there was still no difference. I optimized with DarkLoader, which apparently only removes the CD drive from the resources loaded. I simplified its added absolute path to ./RES a while back (it loads everything fine) and put it at the end of the line (it put it second for some reason) so that my added mods (Enhancement Pack and oRGy's texture patch) would have priority. Still nothing. Character detail is set to high and hardware acceleration is on.

resname_base .\fam+.\EP\Thief1+.\EP+.\RES