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27th Jan 2009, 18:54
okay so batman is dead.... for now *wink*. What needs to be decided is who will replace him. *note: I am going over everyone in the photo we saw at the end of final crisis #6*

The most logical choice (and not a personal choice) for DC to go is making:

Richard Grayson- Batman (after all these years of character development, he's deserved it and DC has been shaping him more and more to be the next bruce wayne)

Damian Wayne- Robin (as much as some dislike this character, it's obvious that he'll be the next robin because: he works better with Richard than any other character, this will give him redemption and character development to be more nice and respectful and stray away from what jaseon todd was like.)

Tim Drake- knight wing (let's face it, he's been robin too long to continue, after all the robin changes it's time to move on and DC knows this. they made him darker, they blew off the back of his head thus making him don the red robin costume. in all likely hood prior to battle for the cowel he'll either take up knight wing or the red robin because of circumstances.

Hush- Bruce wayne (now bear with me here, this is a long shot, everything else would remain the same if hush becomes batman but most likely he just becomes bruce because right now he looks like bruce [plastic surgery]. the bat family could just tell him "we'll give you the fortune to live a rich lifestyle like you wanted but bruce wayne can't seem dead, you be bruce, enjoy it and we do our thing". since he has nothing against them only bruce)

those are the absolute best solutions for those characters other character who will be different during this time are:

Jaseon Todd (Jaseon will try to be batman on a revenge route by dressing up like him and going around killing with two guns as shown in the pic.... that's jaseon without a doubt in my mind folks. he's still too young in comparison to Richard as are tim and damian to become batman. so he might just become a copycat villain which brings me to....

Two Face ( he won't become batman, that's just ridiculously funny. no, what two face will do is to compensate for no batman being around is he'll dress up like batman and a very weird looking one at that.)

*as for Harley Quinn, Alefred, and Batwoman (and not shown catwoman), ignore them as even having a chance for the cowl, i don't need to even justiphy what's wrong with that.*

well.... i'm done giving my opinion, let's hear yours.

27th Jan 2009, 19:04
I actually got my money on Barbara Gordon, after seeing the cover for the new JLU in Wizard cover, it had Batwoman. :P **** Grayson should remain as Nightwing, he is his own hero. Sure the comics have been hinting **** becoming Batman and Two-Face becoming his arch enemy, but the latest Robin comic showed Gotham city light the Robin-symbol and he was pretty dark and emo on the comic too lol. :P But yeah at the 1st issue of Batman R.I.P we see "6 months" later and we see Batman and Robin, the Robin on that panel is definatly Damian Wayne.

Now speaking of Damian Wayne who is Batman in the issue #666, he does mention **** Grayson being Batman before him, yet again hinting its going to be **** Grayson, but who knows if it won't be in Battle for the Cowl? What if the conclusion of BftC is that there is noone to replace Bruce Wayne? ;)

27th Jan 2009, 21:19
So many wagging fingers... wobbling like a metronome.... *mesmorised*

... Ahem! Oh, I just want someone completely unsuitable to be Batman, just for ****s and giggles. I don't know who could replace Batman though, but someone needs to stand in for him, though the bat family is pretty good at sorting things out nowadays. Got to keep the legend of Batman alive I suppose...

29th Jan 2009, 01:17
yeah you are right about that, that is Damian as robin because of the size. as for ****, i know they've been hinting and it may seem like nothing but to me no one else could fill in better than him and i only consider hush because of his current face and a redemption story since he was a good person a long time ago.

31st Jan 2009, 05:05
Tim Drake. They've been foreshadowing it for around a decade. There's no way it's not going to be him. In fact, in Hush it was broken down step by step why Tim is the best fit.

**** was never meant to be tied down to Gotham and Bruce's wishes, which is why he so fits the role of Nightwing and being his own hero.

Jason never took it seriously, treated it like a game, and lets his anger and aggression rule him. It's why he got killed, and it's why he's such a foil to the other Robins now.

Tim, on the other hand, is not just a detective, but a person Batman looks at as someone who is like him but without the, y'know, issues, or, more specifically, he's a good mix of the intensity and drive of Bruce Wayne, and the idealism that Bruce could never have.

If it turns out to be Damien I'm gonna be pissed. Very pissed.

31st Jan 2009, 17:59
it won't be damian or tim because of their ages i promise you that so don't worry, maybe in the future.