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4th Feb 2014, 13:04
Greeting to all forum members and Nosgoth dev team.
I am very curious in upcoming playmodes for the game.
As far as i noticed the game is based on team PvP. The question is "will there be PvE mode with 4 person team fighting through level and accomplishing some task?"
I have 9-month experience with "Warframe" application, which is based on this mode. "W" is alright in this way and has common management mechanics with "Nosgoth" in some ways, so I barely looked through topics and found no accurate info on the PvE topic. Thanks in advance.

4th Feb 2014, 14:30
Nosgoth is purely PvP experience.

4th Feb 2014, 14:47
I've got the idea from the first glance. That would be a shame if that's general rejection for PvE variables.

4th Feb 2014, 15:11
I've got the idea from the first glance. That would be a shame if that's general rejection for PvE variables.

It's a great idea and (almost) anything is possible with sufficient demand, however right now we're focusing on improvements to build stability, balancing and matchmaking. There's a lot of new content we already have planned, but that's not to say it's not fluid. :)

4th Feb 2014, 17:45
Now that's decent and inspiring answer, thank you, George.

4th Feb 2014, 19:30
Now that's decent and inspiring answer, thank you, George.

You're most sincerely welcome :)

4th Feb 2014, 20:06
You're most sincerely welcome :)

thanks again. Going to post some of my questions regarding Closed Alpha in corresponding thread.

5th Feb 2014, 00:15
I know its not a good idea to impliment ideas from other games, but it seems like such a fun game mode due to the way the vampire hunters fight. The game mode in question I was thinking would be similar to battlefield's rush. I am sure this may not even be possible, due to the map design in the game being large, but more like an arena.

Put simply, due to the way Humans fight so defensivley in a "last stand" sort of manner, I think there should be a game mode to reflect that. This game mode would have a series of defensive positions that they have to defend, and if they lose the position they have to fall back to another one, and so on, until the vampires have completely overrun their footholds, and their last stand is officially a massacre, or the vampire hunters overcome the odds and fight off the the onslought of super human predators swooping down on them. When i saw seige, I thought it was going to be like this, but it doesnt seem quite the same, more like an asymmetrical king of the hill, where the vampire hunters are trying to hold position and deny the enemy kills(simple, rack up points and try not to feed the enemy's score) and the vampires trying to pick off as many kills as possible and muscle the humans away from the capture points (Pretty much same strategy as the humans but different objective)

anyways, big jumble of words, hope they made sense

5th Feb 2014, 17:36
I'm not sure if this is the right topic to write about it, but I've got an idea for a new game mode. You know how the Silenced Cathedral and the Human Citadel are relevant to both humans and vampires. So my idea is - fight your way through SC/HC and try to gain control over it (or - on the other hand - defend it). If you think this is a good idea, there are other locations like this - Smokestack for example. What do you think about it?

5th Feb 2014, 19:55
[BNeckHunter Gamemode[/B]

I have an idea for a game mode where by 1 or 2 people start off as a vampire and have to turn the humans into vampires who then in turn join the team and have to do the same until only 1 person is left on human team and when all are vampires the round resets.