View Full Version : Crash / Won't Start :S

25th Jan 2009, 23:44
i've bought Hitman Blood Money about a week ago (i bought it because i've read many problems with illegal versions)

I've installed the game, so far so good.
then i ran the 1.2 update, that is 1 thing i do after i bought a new game (to take full-advantage of the game, less bugs and stuff).
When i started theshortcut on my desktop it says: (srry i have to translate it from dutch to english, so don't know if it are the right words)
Hitman Blood Money has stopped working...blablabla.
Hmzzz. i've updated all the drivers :S
So, i decided to download the 1.1 no-cd crack (1.2 gave the sme problem).
Ran Again the shortcut on the desktop, and the game started :D.
But, if i complete the first mission it says again: Hitman Blood Money has stopped working...blablabla.

Any Solution?
My Specs are:
MSI EX600 Entertainement notebook
Intel pentium dual-core
3GB-DDR2 667MHz
Nvidia 8400G M 256 dedicated.