View Full Version : Mexico- cut scene can be found. (sort of)

25th Jan 2009, 10:25
Ha, right, i was in treasure hunt mode, and until i discovered the emergency break looks brill when you turn corners, i thought wow, and then, in xibalba puzzle, when all those weird statues rise, and blow out the fire, ride down the entrance, and you can re-create the cutscene (although sometimes you will die) when you go in the air before you hit the ground where the cutscene arrives and lara skids to save herself, the moment you hit the ground, skid to the left and wow, it looks amazing, i only succeeded once, but, put your camera at the correct angle like the cut scene, and i seems exactly like your watching the cut scene rather than creating it yourself!

Saving technique: Also, to stop her from falling seriously bad, instantly let go of emergency break and accelerate a little, then she'll save herself! :D It's fun, until you get it right, but you have to keep going to the puzzle that shifts before you go to xiblaba coz when you die, it shifts. :D hope you guys have fun doing it! :D tell me wat u think!

^^^ lol, i tried posting it yesterday but my mum turned the internet off so i copied it, saved it to microsoft word, and then posted it again today, lol. god, i hate it when they say you've had too much time on the computer, derr. 1 hour and a half is not long! :) hope you like my discovery.

25th Jan 2009, 11:37
Is anyone gona say anything? i don't mean to be pushy, but i would like for someone to comment. :D please...:p

My dog Max
25th Jan 2009, 11:41
well,I have a question...Can you do that in normal gameplay on ps2??

25th Jan 2009, 11:45
i don't know, is ps2 version out yet, or are you also playing some other version???? Probably, i don't see why you wouldn't be able to use emergency break.

26th Jan 2009, 07:58
Nice Find! :thumb:
If you do it again can you post a video?

26th Jan 2009, 15:30
yeah, i'll post the vid l8er this week and put it on youtube. :D I hope you'll like it, but it'll be hard, coz i'll be hold the phone in my mouth recording it, and playing with the controller- lol, doesn't sound pleasant does it?-and i'll go bozeyed, unless i find another way of filming it. :):nut:

10th Feb 2009, 18:53
Nice Find! :thumb:
If you do it again can you post a video?

finally, i have put it on youtube, here you go!


you can do it better than that vid, but you get the point, i had the cam in my gob and it was hard to film it straight, and i was lukin at the screen funny, i didn't wanna die either, hope you like it. lol.