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25th Jan 2009, 02:38
Can anyone remember what year it was when the statue of liberty was blown up?

Because im not sure but i think it may have been blown up during the period of time that this installment of Deus Ex is set.

Just wondering if it will be included in the game and will Adam Jensen have a part to play in it.

Alex Jacobson
25th Jan 2009, 04:33
It was fairly recent and I think the actual date can be found in in-game literature. It was either late 2051 or early 2052. EDIT: maybe 2050.
President Philip Mead had legislation passed that would give large amounts of funding to UNATCO and give them a presence on American soil, most notably on Liberty Island where the new UNATCO HQ was established. UNATCO was likely around for at least a decade as JC had adolescent dreams of joining the organization. The conflicts going on in the game (notably with the NSF) had been around since the late 20's / early 30's.

11th Feb 2009, 02:33
UNATCO was formed after the terrorist strike on the statue, as mentioned in Deus Ex 1's opening cinematic, so yes... it probably blows up in this game.

11th Feb 2009, 07:38
Don't forget the major earthquake of 2030 that destroys most of California...Yikes, I just realized I live in California...:eek:

11th Feb 2009, 16:22
Yikes, I just realized I live in California...:eek:
You should be worried indeed. But not about earthquakes. If you are only now realizing you live in California... earthquakes are the least of your worries.

11th Feb 2009, 17:54
Ahh man I just had an image in my head of seeing news flashes on TV's or computer terminals about various natural disasters or terrorist strikes. Epic ++ for immersion.:thumbsup:

11th Feb 2009, 18:25
I checked on this last time someone suggested this. All the info in DX states that the statue was blown up just a few years before the events of the game. So that would be at least a decade and a half after events of DX3.

11th Feb 2009, 18:40
A bit off topic, but might we see the beginnings of the Northwest Secessionist Forces?

11th Feb 2009, 18:45
^^ I say very much ON topic. That is something I am actively expecting to see mentioned, at least, in DX3! It would be cool if AJ indirectly contributes to its founding I say.

11th Feb 2009, 18:50
Yeah, and we might meet a much younger Jake at Squalnomie. :D

Anybody remember that old bum?

11th Feb 2009, 19:34
Yeah, and we might meet a much younger Jake at Squalnomie. :D

Anybody remember that old bum?

"Napoleon of Notting Hill"

After finding some copper wiring...

11th Feb 2009, 22:31
Yeah, and we might meet a much younger Jake at Squalnomie. :D

Anybody remember that old bum?


Dammit, now I'm concerned about missing these moments. I think EM could redeem themselves from their stupid choices that they've already made by doing their research into the little things in the first game and making an actual prequel. Because seriously, if the game ends up lacking even that, even you cheerleaders have to revolt.

12th Feb 2009, 13:10
Bump. I like that this thread isn't about flaming or praising. It's about the actual prequel elements that are apparently all over the game (and ******* better be)

Hey wait, what about President Mead being seen as an up and coming politician?