3rd Feb 2014, 18:33
I thought this might be interesting.
For those of us who know this series, and know it well, we understand some of what has occurred in Nosgoth during this era but there are many questions left unanswered. The blog has shed a lot of light on these areas with regard to the fate of the Razielim, personally impressed by that back story, and the beginning of how things went awry for Kain's empire following Raziel's damnation.
I was hoping we the fans might speculate on what else will happen, given what we understand from how things were in Soul Reaver.

I'm not looking to ruin the blog, just open up some debate.

I'll start with what I understood from Soul Reaver.
*The vampire clan most commonly encountered was the Dumahim that were found everywhere outside the other vampire clans territory, as well as along those clan's borders, but there were hardly any within Dumah's territory and his castle almost abandoned.
*The Turelim were very few in number and only ever found in the outskirts of clan territories and untraveled routes, but their territory was never ventured into by Raziel in the game and Turel was never met in Soul Reaver.
*Melchiah's, Zephon's, and Rahab's territory were the only places where you would find their clan, they were never found beyond their border. This might suggest an isolationist attitude had taken over the lieutenants and Melchiah did tell Raziel "Everyone is afraid sibling. You awake to a world of fear."
*The Razielim, as far as Raziel can understand, have been completely decimated.
*The human hunters can be found from time to time along the road and venturing into the clan territories, moslty Melchiah's, but most reside within a human citadel underground and in the middle of running rivers leading to the abyss.

Any ideas on what might have transpired?

4th Feb 2014, 15:49
Good questions!

4th Feb 2014, 15:57
You know what after reading blog you know what I think happened to the Razielim? They escaped/lefted considering they can fly it would not surprise me they would do this when the so called crap hits the fan. Plus they all pretty much became isolationists.

4th Feb 2014, 16:25
Well I know if you've played LoK:Defiance you meet Turiel as a boss monster. He was somehow pulled back in time (not explained) and has been transformed into so big dog looking thing and is worshiped by a cult. If you got the sun rune in Soul Reaver a lot of his clan members (tall with big ears) were all around that area.

4th Feb 2014, 19:59
I have played Defiance so I am familiar with Turel's fate, but, did Turel get taken back in time before Raziel's return or after? Before the battle, Raziel reacted to the claim that he had fallen into the abyss, still unaware that this was Turel, by saying "I did not fall into the abyss. I was thrown in, by my own brethren."
To which Turel responded, "I heard what you did to them... and now...you have found me."
How did Turel know the fate of the other lieutenants if he had been taken before Raziel's return?

As the for the Turelim at the site where you get the sun glyph, would you considered that to be all there was of Turel's territory?
There were a number of Melchiahim in the area surrounding at the site of stone glyph, near the ruins of Nupraptor's Retreat, but we know that was not all there was of Melchiah's territory. Also remember that Melchiah was the runt of the litter in the eyes of Kain as well as the other brethren, always last to receive and always receiving the least, so its hard to believe that he would have a larger territory than the second born lieutenant of Kain's empire.
The site of the sun glyph is, with relation to Turel's territory, merely the threshold.

4th Feb 2014, 20:17
I have played Defiance so I am familiar with Turel's fate, but, did Turel get taken back in time before Raziel's return or after?


4th Feb 2014, 20:27
Thanks for giving me an answer on that, I've been curious for a while.
I figured it was too unimportant a detail to the series to ever get an official answer.