View Full Version : Thief Gold/Thief 2 error problem. HELP ME!

22nd Jan 2009, 00:19
Ok well lemme tell you folks what happened.

1st I had problems installing theif gold, easily fizxd by some code in the Start>Run menu.

Then I installed Thief 2 with no problems OK:

Now it lets me play just fine with all the movies and everything but in both games after 10-5 mins of exciting gameplay, 20 if im lucky, the game with close out with an error box that says Thief: The Dark Project encounted a problem and needs to close for Thief Gold and for thief 2 it says Thief 2: The Metal Age encountered a problem and needs to close.

This happens for both games now, and If a start it again it lets me play for like 3-1 mins then does the same thing! It's a bunch of crap.

Someone, please help me fix this horrible error!

Btw I got Windows XP if that helps

22nd Jan 2009, 00:48
Check the sticky threads I wrote on how to make Thief run on a modern computer. If all those suggestions don't help, then post detailed stats of your computer hardware including video card and video drivers.