View Full Version : Online play with Commandos 2

21st Jan 2009, 21:53
Well, me and my brother are trying to play commandos 2 on the PC online.
The main problem is...
We use hamachi to connect to eachother, i go to his hamachi IP. We get onto the chat screen and i can select everything fine... but when my brother starts the game...EXTREMEILY SLOW! Anyone know why? We can chat still, and we never "Time out" so im stumped. Anyone know how to make the game go any faster?
Our internets are fast and we have played other games online...

Thanks! :D

22nd Jan 2009, 08:49
i guess you have patched it up to 1.20, as it cures many of the online bugs.
me and my friends used to play without hamachi, via tcp/ip internet, and it ran fine. when we changed to destination paris, a lot of synchron errors occured, but that's another story. so try connecting and hosting via normal ip!

6th Feb 2009, 12:28
I would like to play it online too...where can I find the link for the installer? what specs of PC graphics and memory do it need?thanks guys...