View Full Version : What were your favourite moments in Yggdrasil?

18th Jan 2009, 13:35
This thread is specifically and exclusively for chat and screenshots on favourite moments in Yggdrasil.

En'thrall'ing, that's all I can say! From start to finish. The story came together too in a most satisfying manner, all pulling you forward towards what you knew was going to be an intense end to the game.

Seeing the end of the doppleganger was most pleasing! And then meeting Natla in the final area really closed off a fabulous Tomb Raider classic raid. I must have just stood there for 10 minutes. Couldn't believe what I was experiencing.




18th Jan 2009, 21:30
The room with loads of thralls coming out of the strange water
And the puzzle for how to get the relic, that took a while for me to figure out:scratch: