View Full Version : What were your favourite moments in Realm of the Dead?

17th Jan 2009, 18:02
This thread is specifically and exclusively for chat and screenshots on favourite moments in God of Thunder.

Okay, escaping from a sinking ship might not sound like anything original in video games but what a way Crystal pulled this off. When the bow went upright as the ship began to sink into the ocean, the atmosphere inside and the effects were mind blowing. The perfect end to this first part of the game!

Just look at the detail in the second screenshot, as the bow begins to lift and things begin to fall and slide and roll around.



17th Jan 2009, 21:09
I don't think there was anything I disliked about this part of the game, I think this was one of my favorite parts.
From the moment the ship started capsizing, and all the the equipment and stock started tumbling, to the part where the adreneline moment takes place.
As well as the random explosions that would make me jump.
I loved it :D :D

17th Jan 2009, 21:18
It's one of the best levels of the game! I think they should do more of such levels where everything is exploding, the screen shakes, and turns upside down! More, more, more :D

17th Jan 2009, 22:00
It certainly was exciting! Nice change of pace from swimming leisurely in the ocean.

17th Jan 2009, 22:06
I just wish the level was longer, but the boat was tiny, she should have been on a giant luxury cruise ship instead of a cargo ship

17th Jan 2009, 22:16
Hey, a massive cruise liner, or even a battleship or something, would be a good idea for a level or two for a future game!

:thumbsup: :D

Professor Black
18th Jan 2009, 05:57
The lighting and debris was very cool, the only way it could have been better is if you had to climb fast enough to beat the rising water.

21st Jan 2009, 20:37
Ok, well i used to have this obsession with titanic, and this was like heaven!!!!:P
but it was actually like one of my fave levels, it actually made me a bit dizzy when the ship was rotating:nut: ! amazing :D