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17th Jan 2009, 08:24
This topic is specifically and exclusively for chat and screenshots on Path to Avalon and your favourite moments!

My favourite moment lasted about half an hour. I just swam around looking at everything in awe. Couldn't believe what I was experiencing. I wasn't even looking for anything, just swimming around trying to see everything. I think I swam back to the boat 3 or 4 times as well just to look around there to. Amazing.

The attention to detail really stunned me, like the air bottle gently rolling about on the deck of the boat with the swell.






17th Jan 2009, 08:38
Being stuck in the underwater environment for a good amount of time was pretty cool. I didn't know where the other wheel was that I had to find, and spent a lot of time looking for it. Having to fight the sharks at the same time was pretty exciting.

17th Jan 2009, 15:41
Being stuck in the underwater environment for a good amount of time was pretty cool. I didn't know where the other wheel was that I had to find, and spent a lot of time looking for it. Having to fight the sharks at the same time was pretty exciting.

I couldn't find the wheel, that was placed right in front of the door :lol: I found the other one pretty quick. I love the whole Mediterranean level. Especially the swimming part. It's such a lovely environment. I just wish it was bigger :rolleyes:

17th Jan 2009, 16:25
Being underwater by the ruin really got to me, it was so big and vast, I was amazed by the area.

17th Jan 2009, 19:01
I agree. Right when Lara jumped in the water and started swimming down my jaw dropped. It was breathtaking. The most memorable moment for me would be after solving the puzzle and swimming through and seeing the Kraken tentacle: "Wait... is that part of the Krak- HOLY *****!!!!" I swear I had a mini heart attack.

17th Jan 2009, 19:34
Me too :lol:

17th Jan 2009, 20:41

I had played the Demo many, many times before the real game. In Thailand, when you are on the boat, you can look around and see some rocks/mountains etc, really nice.

Well, I stood on the deck and looked around and saw.............NOTHING but the open sea!!! :eek:

It was really awesome to dive down and swim deeper and deeper, almost feeling the pressure of gallons of water above you, like you were really there. I must say the sound and light effects are truly amazing. :thumb:

Eventually a whole underwater world was revealed to me and I started to search every nook and cranny for treasures and of course the pieces of the puzzle. I remember it took me quite long to find the second handle, which turned out to be just around the corner.....:o
Very funny. I guess that's exactly what the creators had in mind and they have succeeded in my opinion.

Wow, haven't mentioned the sharks yet! I like to hunt them down, every single one of 'em. :cool:

17th Jan 2009, 21:55
You're absolutely right about the light effects Love2Raid, check out the light reflections on Lara's skin in this screenshot. Can it get any better than this? This is the work of pure genius.


Professor Black
18th Jan 2009, 05:55
The sheer depth of this level was astounding the distance from surface to sea floor seemed so real.

22nd Jan 2009, 11:02
Another thing I absolutely loved about this level was the first puzzle, getting that door opened. It wasn't hard! One key was already in the door and one was in front of it, so it was easy to figure out what to do and know what you were looking for. This drew me right into the game quickly and although I spent a lot of time sightseeing around the ocean bed, before I knew where I was I was looking down at the Kraken. The pace was perfect.


22nd Jan 2009, 11:20
Honestly the other levels of TRU were great but this was definitely my favorite I can play it over and over and not get bored.

The cutscene was perfect. " I only want the truth, whatever it may be"/

Then just diving into the beautiful blue ocean swimmin to the bottom in some ancient ruins.

The krakens tentacle scared the sht out of me, I did one of those roll things to turn back around and turn the other way, i have fast reflexes.

The sharks were awesome, concentrated fire underwater with the spear gun, twin pistols is better I reckon though.:thumbsup:

I really feel this was the level that CD put the most effort into, it was so perfect.

22nd Jan 2009, 12:08
You must have loved Helheim as well then. Must admit, this level does hold a special place for me too. It's hard to pick a favourite because they're all so good.