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15th Jan 2009, 19:27
A little while back, before there was anything known of The Dark Prophecy and I just joined these forums, I had a dream about LoK 6....

Of course when it was out I immediately pre ordered it and then I played it. The only thing I remember right now about the game is that you played as Kain, In the Ruborian Desert of the game Overlord... some guys were captured by Dark Eldar (Warhammer 40.000) and you had to get them back... so actually a mix of my most favourite games :D

16th Jan 2009, 08:55
I had a dream of the new LOK game (it was called Desitiny in my dream), where Kain had dark red skin, and lots of new powers, and was fighting a huge army of swordsmen all by himself on a huge battlefield. He was teleporting all over the place, hacking the solider to bits. Lunging 50 metres into the next group, whilst TKing 10 at once.

It was like LOK: D meets Dynasty Warriors meets Devil May Cry 4 meets Star wars: Force Unleashed :D

16th Jan 2009, 16:13
ive not had a full out dream but it pops into my head when im day dreaming and listening to dont be afriad.

in mine kain starts to turns more like janous by shedding his skin as you progress through the game. (wings not done till the final boss)

cant remember alot, just a few things like

the UI would have mana aswell as blood and tk, the soul reaver would be a wepon you always had but you couldnt use spells and it would drain your mana (bo1 style) you could put it on your back and pick up other weapons or fight with your claws.

due to the draining effect the rever has on your mana most of your spells will be gone, however the method of playing has a more roll playing theam to it, so you could get to know more spells or you could learn different tk abbilitys or gain better combat moves (keeping tk seporate for magic as he has been able to use it even when he has the soul reaver) for example:

a tk upgrade could be to set people on fire
a combat upgrade/move could be like any from defiance
a magic upgrade could be to summon a deamon

more options would be evailable as you get the balance fragments that are still missing, yep im sticking by the fact that i think there are 4 more sections (fitting diagonaly to the emblem) forming it into a circle (or wheel)

1 (and only 1) cut sceen with mobious, he at firt would act cocky and think he has the upper hand, you tell him out right you have seen how it ends... and leave it at that and walk away with a smile on your face.

fighting the possessed janous in a time streaming room, him doing an end round / should kill you move and setting the device to over drive and taking you to the far past, you then being catalist and almost insperation for the curse and for the vampires profercys of the sion of balance and the soul reaver (after a big fight, and i mean big big war fight. like in bo1 with the nemasis' army before traveling back in time)

kain getting vorador back to life some how with the ring (his ear ring).

you teaming up with a younger kain (who cant recognise you and who will loose all memorie of the events in bo2 intro sceen)

the pre- eldergod fight, involving you jumping down a seemingly bottomless pit and having to slash and cut off tentacles at free fall speed. you get your wings a bit before but dont get to use them. the final fight with the EG involves you needing to fly about avioding getting hit and attacking him where ever you can.

and of course blood and gore from insta kill moves, done by attacking like in defience, how ever if bare handed you'll rip out a heart, if tking you'll crush internal organs. and of course with the soul reaver, them exploing into bits.

yea just a few things :) and yes this is the type of thing i think up when i should be working on my college work lol

btw, i think i read some were that if a company wanted to use ideas that people have come up with, regardless of if they had the idea as well, that they would need to get permition.

eido's if you wish to use these ideas then feel free, they are yours for any LoK (or other title for that matter, tho it wouldnt make sence lol)

because i dont want any thing to hinder a new LoK game

17th Jan 2009, 00:36
I know it wasn't in the original Dark Prophecy concept, but I'd have liked to see Janos as a playable character.