View Full Version : A Trap Off TR2

13th Jan 2009, 21:39
I am requesting help and advise on where i could find the trap that involved sharp disks shooting from the walls off TR2 from the Great Wall level.

I have serched on trsearch.org and also on laras levelbase and have had no luck whatsoever. I need help please! :o

14th Jan 2009, 07:53
You can rip it yourself with WadMerger. Put the disc in the DART slot. You won't be able to see the dart emitter, so put it in a static slot and place it at the same place in the map as the dart emitter null mesh.

14th Jan 2009, 13:11
thanks ak and by the way the dart sounds from tr2 need to be PIT0 if anyone wants to use this aswell. ;)

Maybe ill upload em on tr search...