View Full Version : Who wants a remake?

13th Jan 2009, 10:45
Who wants continue directly some of the first TR?
I have an idea.

We get TR4 (for example) and put the final animation as an intro for the remake game.There would be no menu just hit the icon and after several seconds of black screen start ending movie of TR4 but something go wrong...On one side everyone will replay the first version of the remake game and then will start the ather...The story will not be fake.Just something that "we all missed" on the original story.When the game started after escaping lara meets "an old frend" who tell her story which She already started to figure out.Then begin the adventure.

So what you think?

13th Jan 2009, 22:32
I'm kinda confused but I would like to know how Lara escaped!:scratch:

14th Jan 2009, 00:22
u know the dvds that have 2 sides that u have to play to see the whole movie? they should do that with the tr game....

like either one side has one story and the other has another...or like it would be a loner game the beginning side at the end has a cliffhanger cutscene or something and the story continues on the other side?

o and i dont think i want another remake...i just want a whole new story