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12th Jan 2009, 21:39
'Does what it says on the tin, kiddos'

When going through the introductory thread, I noticed that quite a few of us have written or are writing a fanfiction or storyline of their own for Batman.
This thread is just a little notice-board really, if you want to share your fanfic go ahead, tell us the storyline and how its working out if your still writing it or if you've written it and you really want to then post a link.

I'm currently working on a 'Batman: The Animated Series' fanscript, that goes along the lines of my favourite episode 'Almost Got 'Im'. It's called 'Group Therapy' and focuses on the origins of the villians, only it goes deeper than that. Yeah, the origins have been looked at, but not went right through it.

Example: Poison Ivy's encounter with the Floronic Man, the relationship between Nora and Victor and why Scarecrow is obsessed with fear.

Anyway, story has been written, putting it into script format is going to be a bit difficult for me. So if anyone would care to help, well that would be a big help.

So share your fanfics :)

- Arron

EDIT: I've decided to ask some of you for help. I don't think this can be done JUST by me. So if any of you would want to help out with writing a background then just message me :) The following characters are available

Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze

12th Jan 2009, 22:15
I have started writing a few episodes for a fan made 1-hour Batman live-action TV show. While it'll never see the light of day, I'm writing it for my own enjoyment.

I've written 3 complete scripts at about 44 pages each. I haven't decided about a long term storyline, but for the most part the show covers the villains of Gotham. Batman is merely the side character starting off, saving the day and all. While Batman is a minor character, Bruce is a major character but still plays second fiddle to the more complex villains.

The storyline (first episode) starts off with Jonathan Crane teaching at Gotham University. We get the message that over time he has been luring students for an after-class "extra credit" assignment where he will drug them using his fear toxin. He is a sick character. Video-taping everything and introduces them to his "mask". A student calls the police after discovering Crane's sick plot. The University President calls Crane in where he fires him. Crane slips away before the police could arrest him. Crane heads back to his lab to get rid of any evidence but the police arrive. Crane unleashes his fear toxin on the cops, then makes his way back to the school where he and his thugs hold the president hostage. Threatening to poison the entire school, Gordon calls in Batman. In the end Batman gets gassed and the Scarecrow gets away.

Second episode: Batman is still suffering the effects. Flashbacks to when his parents are murdered. Crime has escalated and there are more cases of people falling prey to Crane's toxin. We are introduced to a small Italian mob who Crane has hired to ship his drugs overseas. The police learn about unidentified cargo ships approaching the docks and they decide to close in. Crane's plan is to ship these toxins overseas to create an army of sorts to make the world fear the Scarecrow. The police arrive on the docks, a shoot out begins. Batman swoops in and tries to stop the cargo ship but too late. The ship gets away.

Third episode we are introduced to Harvey Dent. This barely has any action but it is here to develop Dent, Bruce, Dent's love interest, and other minor characters. With Crane gone crime has still escalated so there is someone else in Gotham feeding the mob (I left it open so any villain could fill the spot).

I stopped writing because I didn't know when I wanted to introduce a certain villain or not. I want to include the Joker last, but also introduce other villains that may not ever see a live-action performance like the Mad Hatter, Scarface and Ventriloquist, etc. If anyone wants to know more, message me and we'll go from there.